Mother-In-Law Passed

The last few weeks have been pretty long and hard.  My mother-in-law passed away after suffering a series of organ failures at the hospital.  She went in for a skin infection that was coming every few months. Her kidneys failed almost immediately.  They tried to do dialysis but continually had problems.  She improved with the help of IV antibiotics and was moved to ICU step-down.  Then the infection numbers skyrocketed.  They think her colon ruptured.  Soon the infection spread to her blood.  Her lungs began to fail and they put her on a respirator.  Her liver began to fail as well.  She was strong through it all.  As her body gave out, her mind was strong.  Her last three days on earth were full of pain and sorrow for those she was about to leave behind.  We all cried a lot because we all loved her so much.  She was kind and loving and funny and we will all miss her.


One thought on “Mother-In-Law Passed

  1. So sorry to hear about the death of Daniele’s mother and your mother-in-law, Monty. Your mom has always spoken highly of her as she told me of her struggles with her health. Give my condolences to Daniele’s dad and her whole family. It is terribly hard to lose someone who is so important to and beloved by the family.

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