Cat Troubles

About the same time my mother-in-law passed away my cat started using the carpet in our living room as a litter box.  For a couple weeks we did not know where she was peeing because we could not find it anywhere (it is a nice shag carpet).  Then we noticed the smell and the poop every morning and evening.  We’ve tried a bunch of things to correct her behavior:

  • tried different litter including Cat Attract litter
  • tried moving her litter box to a less busy room
  • tried moving her litter box to the place in our living room where she is making a mess
  • tried moving her food to where she has been making a mess (she just moved over a few feet and went to the bathroom)
  • tried CatScram ultrasonic device that is motion activated that makes a sound that only Cats can hear

The CatScram seems to have worked for now.  For the last 2 days and nights she has avoided the room and used her litter box instead – yeah!  Fingers crossed I won’t have to try the next course of action – indoor electric fence with collar.

If this keeps working then we are going to have to do something about the smell in the living room.  We’ve tried PetZyme but it still smells.  I think we might have to replace the carpet or at least the padding – bummer since the room is huge.


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