Rip Off

My wife recently bought a coupon at and when she was done clicked on some ad.  As it turns out gave our credit card info to who started charging us a monthly subscription (shown as SHOPESSPLUS on our cc bill).   She did NOT give them our cc number or agree to any subscription.   She was NOT told that was going to share our cc info with some other company so they can rip us off or that gets a kickback from SHOPESSPLUS for giving away our credit card information.   How can this be legal?!?!   I called and got the charges refunded and complained like mad.   Stay away from and watch your cc bills for these subscriptions that you didn’t sign up for.   I just saw something about this type of fraud on the nightly news a week ago.  We are pretty computer savvy so if they got us they can probably get most people.


One thought on “ Rip Off

  1. Same thing happened to me. After this came out of my checking 3 times in a row(took us a while to catch it) I called and stated that I was going to file charges and they had my monies (3months) returned to my account within a week.

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