Squeak vs. Pharo

I’m trying to figure out which Squeak flavor I should be using for my sites and for application development – Squeak or Pharo.  I’ve been using Squeak but more and more of my Smalltalk friends are telling me to use Pharo.  I don’t follow the Squeak list or the Pharo list so I’m not sure which one will be better for me.

Can everyone please post a response with the pros and cons of both Pharo and Squeak?  Thanks for the help!


3 thoughts on “Squeak vs. Pharo

  1. I just switched to Pharo some months ago, IMHO it’s cleaner and probably even faster than squeak.

    I’m not really aware of the technical internal stuff going on there, but what’s true is that the Pharo image has a great couple of nice features like a new browser with live-searches and a priceless autocompletion system.

    Oh, and the exupery VM has closures properly implemented!

    Also, doit: ScriptLoader loadSeaside30 and you’ll magically get Seaside 3.0 installed in a couple of minutes.

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