A few weeks ago I switched VPS providers from Fluid Hosting to VPS Land.  I made the move for several reasons:

  • I wanted to switch from Squeak to Pharo but the new vm needed CentOS 5 or I needed to build the vm myself (which I did not want to do) so
  • I wanted to upgrade from CentOS4 to CentOS 5
  • I wanted more memory/disk so I could run X windows and vncserver
  • I wanted to save money if I could
  • My existing VPS provider could not help me upgrade without me having to go through nearly all the same pain as a switch to a different VPS

So I moved and managed to:

  • Get 50% more memory
  • Run X with vncserver
  • Run CentOS5
  • Switch from Squeak to Pharo
  • Save $300 per year
  • Move everything for all of my sites over to the new server in a week with very few hiccups

My old VPS provider had pretty good support.  My new provider (VPS Land) so far has had pretty good support as well.  I hope they keep it up and that I don’t need much support going forward!


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