2010 Home Improvement – Gas Furnace & Water Heater

Unfortunately we had to buy a new gas furnace this year because our old one died before it’s expected end of life.  We went with an ultra-efficient 97.5% furnace from York which was installed by HJacks.  The install went well but I think the labor was more expensive than it should have been.  The heater works well so far.  I’ve had 1 problem with the door sensor not working which caused the furnace to stop working.  Shaking it fixed it.  HJacks said they would replace the part but never came back to do it.  The furnace has a 10 yr warranty so I wasn’t in a rush to have it fixed.

The water heater was due and we knew it.  We bought a middle of the road water heater tank instead of doing the tankless model.  The tankless models sound great but are much much more expensive.

Overall, I’m happy with both the furnace and the water heater.


One thought on “2010 Home Improvement – Gas Furnace & Water Heater

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