magicJack review

Recently we replaced our existing home phone service that was provided by Time Warner Cable with magicJack.  We have been using it for a few months now so I have enough experience to report how it works.


  • Cheap
  • Works with my desktop pc and plugs into our home jack just like time warner cable did to provide phone service to all phones in our house
  • Mostly good sound.  Sometimes things break up but I would say it is about 75% as good as TWC but much much cheaper
  • Fax machine works OK with it


  • Sometimes you have to pick up the phone 2x to get it to give you a ring tone
  • PC has to be always running (not a con for me since I always leave my PC on anyway)
  • Have to restart it every few weeks which is fine since I usually reboot my PC  that often
  • Sometimes when people call, they can hear us but we cannot hear them.  Calling them back always works fine
  • 1hr time limit on calls.  magicJack disconnects you after you make a call that goes over 1hr.  You can dial right back but it is still annoying
  • Tried some add on software to keep it from popping up but it stopped working after a few weeks
  • Tried magicRingForever but sometimes it would fool my answering machine so I stopped using it

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