Optimus V 3G Drops (update 3/23/2011)

Today my 3G and my wife’s 3G are not working (both LG Optimus V phones from Virgin Mobile).

This phone is great when 3G works but… 3G frequently doesn’t work and this phone totally sucks when it doesn’t work.  It eats battery like crazy while trying to establish a 3G connection.  Totally bummer.  I would advise friends to not by a LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile until this 3G issue gets addressed.

There are tons of people having the same problem (google “Optimus V 3G drops”).  It does not seem to have anything to do with specific apps or defective phones.  This problem seems to be with *all* LG Optimus V phones from Virgin Mobile.

Before calling Virgin Mobile, I tried to toggle the CDMA setting using the mangelow Network tool.  I tried to reboot the phone.  I tried to pull the battery.  I tried to toggle 3G on and off.  I tried to toggle wifi back to 3G.  I tried all the tricks mentioned on the android forums and none of them worked.

I called Virgin Mobile and spoke with someone with a very thick accent.  She had me pull the battery out while the phone was on (seems like a bad idea).  Then they had me put the battery back in.  Then they had me open the browser and clear the cache and history.  Then when 3G still didn’t work they said they would open a ticket and it could take 8 days.  What a joke!  I think the only way to get Virgin Mobile to address this issue is to call customer service every time it doesn’t work.   When Virgin Mobile realizes that it costs more to NOT fix this issue (because of tons of customer service calls) than it does to actually  fix the issue, they will have some incentive to try to fix it. I plan to call Virgin Mobile back later today to ask for a credit for the 3G service that doesn’t work – seems nuts to pay for 3G service that doesn’t work.

Today I changed my wifi sleep settings to never sleep so that my phone will keep sync’ing via wifi even when the screen sleeps/locks.  Here are the steps to turn wifi sleep policy to never:

  • Home, Menu, Settings, Wireless & Network, Wi-Fi Settings
  • Click the Menu button and select “Advanced”
  • Select “Wi-Fi sleep policy” and change to Never

You can follow my progress (and pain) in this category: http://trillionth.wordpress.com/category/optimusvsucks/


21 thoughts on “Optimus V 3G Drops (update 3/23/2011)

  1. Have the same problem right now, Called virgin mobile and probably had the same person as you did. Very thick asian accent. I thought it was my phone but I guess not. I hope they fix it cuz not having 3g sux!!!!

  2. My 3g is off AGAIN here in Hawaii, had this phone less than a week, looking to RETURN it for a REFUND at Radio Shack as soon as we can order the new Samsung Prevail Online at boostmobile… Good phone, but the service SUCKS with all these internet issues.. not worth the hassle!

  3. Boostmobile is on the same network as VM. Sprint….. Youll probably have the same issues. You need to call in and ask tech support for andriod data package.

  4. I have had the same problems and posted on the Virgin facebook page and called US cust. complaint number. After days was told the problem was solved by them resetting my data plan…..not sure that works. Until today it was better but I never go to wifi. I only use 3g and it has been much better. Today I have had no service most of day. For the price I deal but it is a major pain. Other then these constant issues and calling out of the country for help, which you dont get, I do love he phone!

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    This is how you fix it, i didn’t have mine for 3 weeks

    settings>about phone>activate

    only thing that worked for me!

  6. I’ve had the same problem. At first I just thought it was my phone and where I lived. But I’m guessing everyone is dealing with the problem. When I dropped my 3G I tired everything to get it back, turning off the phone, taking out the battery, blah, blah, and it still wouldn’t come back. I’m really starting to not like Virgin Mobile, because without 3G on this phone you can’t to crap, other then send texts and maybe get a few calls…..I don’t even have 1x. All I have are the bars, which are only around 3 bars or 4. The only reason I still have the phone is because I have Wi-Fi at home….And sitting here thinking about the phone price and what I paid to have and now it doesn’t works is a pain. If they don’t get this fixed I’m thinking of returning and going on to a really plan like T-mobile or something…..

  7. I just ran the ACTIVATE program and let it run it’s course and it said i had an error and needed to call, but since i ran it my 3g has been flying like brand new…so i’ll skip the call to tech support for now.

    1. Yes! i tired all of the toggling wifi, rebooting, etc.. and lastly went to “activate” to see if it would hook up. it didn’t, but 3G is back. Problem “solved”

  8. IF the PRL version on the phone is old then it won’t show 3G and needs update by pressing and holding the update PRL button on the phone.

  9. I’ve had a horrid time with this, my 3g stopped working a few days ago and just wouldn’t work no matter what! I tried the airplane mode trick, the reset thing, rebooting, I even installed stuff that did all of that automatically. I went through all the settings, and tweaked things left and right, then I read the comments above about doing the activation thing, and boom, I have 1x, which still isn’t 3g but at least it’s some form of internet, hopefully when I get to a better signal area it will be 3g again 😀

  10. Me again, I decided to activate it a second time, just to see what would happen, and 3g is back in full effect.

    You guys who recommended the activation thing are awesome, you just made me not hate my phone again!

  11. just bought the phone at best buy for 129 today 01/27/12 and it hasn’t worked out of the box…. very disappointing in this phone and virgin… Tried everything suggested and nothing works, they will return the phone but not the 55 dollar card I bought, so it’s a bummer….. I wish quality products still exsisited 😦 DO NOT BUY, BUYER BEWARE

  12. Richard Branson should be embarrassed!!! I have had nothing but trouble with this the Optimus V Android phone from Virgin Mobile. REALLY a piece of ****. The 3G is always in and out. The phone restarts without notice or even being touched. It pockets dials and texts if you don’t put it to sleep. Facebook app gets stuck. The screen freezes and you have to repower to get it working again. The coverage sucks. Other than that, its a decent phone. Ha! I tried to return it to the Radio Shack kiosk in Target and they told me they only keep $100 in the register and would send me a refund check in 4-6 weeks. I went round and round with Radio Shack, Virgin Mobile, and Target and got absolutely nowhere. Several letters to the Better Business Bureau got Target to call me. They offered to mail me a refund in 4-6 weeks. What the F**! With a capital F. Don’t buy this cheap knock-off phone. Virgin Mobile and Richard Branson should be put in jail.

  13. As stupid as this sounds, sometimes from rebootingyour phone too many times it loses a permenant connection with the towers and what you have to do is go to About Phone and press Activate, it reconnects with the towers even if it says the activation was incomplete the 3G comes back on!!!

  14. I have an LG optimus an i have dropped it so many times and i hae so many promblems especialy that my lil one always trying to get it.. & i have sprint.. what should i doo? oh now it eeds a reboot.. whatever that is,

  15. I’ve had my phone for several months and really didn’t have any problem with it until about two weeks ago. For a while, I had no 3G access in the area I live in, but no problems in other parts of the city, so I just thought we lived in a cell phone blind spot or something. Now reading this thread, I see I’m not alone. I tried reactivating it and although it told me it was successfully reactivated I still have no 3G and only 1 bar on the phone access. Bummer

    1. I haven’t been able to get 3 G on my LG Optimus V since I had to reset my phone back to factory settings a couple months ago. I just tried the activate thing, got an error saying “the service is not available and to call Virgin Mobile”. Guess what? My 3G is back!!! Many, many thanks to you ALL for posting that hint. Now I might be able to receive pictures of my new grandbaby and be able to play slots without getting the “No network” error. You all ROCK!

  16. my phone has been doing this for awhile off and on, but lately its every 5 minutes. i tether my phone to my laptop for gaming and its made gaming an absolute nightmare. the fact that they only give you 2.5g of data to burn through is a joke too considering its advertised as unlimited. fuck this phone. if it wasnt so cheap id of taken it back and got a new one already

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