Optimus V Review

If you are having the same 3G drops problem where 3G drops and does not reconnect, please write a review on the Virgin Mobile site to warn future buyers.  I posted my review today – 1 star.  Would have given zero stars but that isn’t an option.

You can follow my progress (and pain) in this category: https://montykamath.wordpress.com/category/optimusvsucks/


One thought on “Optimus V Review

  1. It is not the phone that is sucky, it is Virgin Mobile. I too have had a trouble shoot ticket open and yet to have anything resolved. I finally find out that they (Virgin Mobile) is having problems with the 3g network and don’t seem to know when it will be fixed. I am now going on day 5 of not being able to connect to 3g.

    At home or around wi-fi hot spots I am good, but once I reconnect with 3g…..Nothing! I have asked for a credit and they say at the end of my billing cycle I will receive 10 dollars. What a joke! Virgin Mobile is really starting to piss me off! I can barely understand the customer reps, and when I do all they do is repeat the same thing of not knowing when 3g will be working again!

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