Optimus V Review Rejected By Virgin Mobile

So I resubmitted my Optimus V Review again today with this exact text:

great phone but the 3G dropping problem stinks – you lose your 3g connection and it doesn’t auto-reconnect when 3g becomes available again.  I won’t recommend this phone to friends until the 3g dropping problem is fixed.

And once again it was rejected by Virgin Mobile.  So much for a useful review process.

You can follow my progress (and pain) in this category:  https://montykamath.wordpress.com/category/optimusvsucks/


2 thoughts on “Optimus V Review Rejected By Virgin Mobile

  1. I have had the 3G issue start today. After calling four times and listening to the dufus, Alex and getting disconnected I just called back and they answered with, We are having technical difficulties with the web access and to try reconnecting in two hours. Call back if still no access. It is hit and miss as my wifes is working just fine. Optimus V and we have only had them for three weeks. I guess that’s what you get for $25 a month.

  2. Virgin Mobile is Crap in the Extreme – wish I knew this 3 mos ago. Hi! Re virginmobile. Where can you find senior management?(NOWHERE!!!) Bought my phone & virgin plan – including USB internet stick for my laptop at the Virgin shop in Marion Shopping Centre (Adelaide, SthAustralia). I live in Crafers (Adelaide hills). Internet connection is ok when I take my laptop to Seaton on the plains near beach but in the hills internet keeps dropping out every few minutes. Made 4 calls to customer service – to what I at first I took to be Indian girls. They talked me through procedures that made no difference. I said I wanted to go back to using a proper modem connected to phone line. They said it couldnt be done- unless I paid out my plan! I asked for Australian senior management, address and phone number. They didnt know. THEN I phoned the shop where I bought the phone, stick and plans and asked for the address and phone number of Aust Virgin headoffice. Remember – this is now the Virgin shop I was talking to. They told me they didn’know and when they needed to know anything they phoned “customer service” same as me!!! I said, So you work for Virgin in a Virgin shop but you dont know anything about where their head office is – even though they must have one to collect their bills and pay you! She said that’s right. I said, So you are just as dependent on those Indian girls who know nothing as I am? She replied, “They are not Indians”. I said, Where are they then? She said, They are in the Philippines. I hung up having got nowhere and rang the Philippino customer service 1300 number again. This time they gave me a job number and told me they were putting my service on a “5-day watch” so they could watch the behaviour of my connection and if I wasnt happy after 5 days to phone and complain again.

    This is very crappy service and I’m not happy. I should never have left my previous service.
    Good luck. My next move will be ombudsman. BEWARE – DON’T GO NEAR VIRGIN.

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