Optimus V Review (Rejected By Virgin Mobile)

My review was honest and fair but it was rejected by Virgin Mobile.  I guess they don’t like people giving honest and low ratings.  Now I see how Virgin Mobile is keeping the rating for the Optimus V at 4.5 stars on their site!

I resubmitted my review again today with this exact text:

great phone but the 3G dropping problem stinks – you lose your 3g connection and it doesn’t auto-reconnect when 3g becomes available again.  I won’t recommend this phone to friends until the 3g dropping problem is fixed.

I’ll post an update to let you know if this review is rejected by Virgin Mobile too.

You can follow my progress (and pain) in this category:  https://montykamath.wordpress.com/category/optimusvsucks/

One thought on “Optimus V Review (Rejected By Virgin Mobile)

  1. No 3G connection all day today on the Optimus V. I have emailed and spoken to customer service twice – they asked me to reprogram, reboot, remove battery etc. No airplane mode, data toggles, wifi-3g back-n-forth etc. have worked. My 3G is still dead at 4.30pm. Not amused… (Both my wife and I have the same phone and the same $40 plan…).

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