Verbatim MediaShare Home Network Storage Server NAS server – 1 TB Review

I read the reviews that say this thing has a bad UI but wow that really isn’t saying enough.  For me, I could not get almost anything to work.  It turned on and I could get to the completely pathetic and clumsy UI but:

  • I could not get the printer to work in anything other than Normal mode.  I have a HP 5610 all in one.  I only cared about getting the printing to work.  It did work but not in Fast Draft mode – despite the half hour I spent trying to make it use Fast Draft
  • I could not get it to show my connected external hard drive (all 3 that I tried)
  • The UI blows.  It is stunningly bad – non-intuitive, confusion, ugly
  • There is absolutely no documentation at all for this product.  It doesn’t come with any and as far as I could tell there isn’t any on the makers site.  Fail!
  • Returned to Amazon for a refund within 1 day

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