Effin Park Place

Last week I had some time off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  One day I played a 3 hour game of Monopoly with the kids.  Early in the game, Z landed on Parkplace (owned by M).  Z was low on cash so M gave him a discount.  Instead of ~$200, M only made Z pay ~$100.  M said that he was willing to give Z the discount because Z “is my brother and he entertains me a lot”.  Maybe we’re doing something right as parents since the kids don’t use EVERY opportunity to crush each other.

For Z the game ended as he slid into Park Place (we were playing Monopoly with the speed die which causes you to slide into a property where you will have to pay).  M had 3 houses up on Park Place and the rent was too much for Z.  This was the end of the game for Z.  As we counted out money and mortgaged properties, Z sat back, took a deep breath, shook his head and said “Effin Park Place”.  I tried to reprimand him while laughing out loud.  He’s 8 and he’s already knows the right way to use “effin”.  Well, maybe we aren’t doing that good as parents on the language front.


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