AT&T Uverse Billing Problems

I’m starting to think it is me.  Maybe I’m the only person in the world that checks their bills.  Maybe I’m unlucky and companies always magically over bill me.  Either way, I’m caught in the same cycle of incorrect billing again with AT&T Uverse.  They gave me a promo code last Sept for a free on-demand movie.  I used it.  They charged me for the movie.  I called and got the credit fixed.  They offered me a free upgrade for 12 months to their fastest internet with no strings attached.  Since then, they have over-billed me every month – 6 months in a row.  Every month I call and they credit the difference and then we move on to another month.  This time, the customer service representative I spoke with told me that I had been over credited so I would continue to be over billed until the system worked it out. Also, my bill would never show the proper credits but that was OK because they were billing me correctly.  Wow!  My head almost exploded.  I got disconnected as I was about to freak out but when I called back I was immediately directed to the customer retention department.  That is where they send people who are canceling their service.  I was not going to cancel but luckily the retention department rep actually looked at my account and saw how screwed up the billing was.  They worked backwards and figured out the credits I still was owed.  They downgraded my internet back to what I originally had because the system was incapable of billing me correctly.  They told me the CSR I spoke with was lying about the over credit or the bill never showing credits.  So, I’m going on month 7.. will my bill be correct this time?  I’m pretty skeptical.

3 thoughts on “AT&T Uverse Billing Problems

  1. Thanks for the article, I have had problems with AT&T in the past with my cell phone I have thought about looking into their TV service but I was not too sure about them at this point due to some of the problems I have had in the past, none the less I do have wonderful service with them so I cannot complain!

  2. Below is a letter I plan to send to the CEO and other executive officers of AT&T:

    To whom it may concern:

    RE: Account 115305680

    Not sure why I am writing this, because it will obliviously waste more of my time and I would hope improve your service! I will try to be as brief as possible while conveying my frustration over this situation.

    Sometime between November of 2011 and January of 2012 I requested service from AT&T U-verse. It was all very confusing exactly what they would charge me and appointment days and times were changed more than once. Precious moments of my time were wasted on this, and it all seemed very disorganized. After re-arranging my schedule to accommodate the installation, the installer showed up and spent most of the day redoing my existing cable from Cox cable. After about 5 hours of climbing through my attic and around my house, a supervisor ( I assume) showed up and stated that they would not be able to offer me U-verse service because there was not a strong enough signal. I thought to myself, what a disorganized organization AT&T U-verse is and what a waste of your money and my time! It was decided that the order would be canceled and there was no possibility, even in the future that I would have U-verse available to my household because they have no intention of updating/installing equipment in my area that would supply a sufficient signal. More of my precious time wasted!

    When opening my mail to pay bills today, what do I find, a bill from AT&T U-verse for $220.52 for Internet service that began on March 16, 2012! Simply AMAZING! First off, I did not request a new service from AT&T U-verse. Second, you would have to be out of your mind if you think I would pay $220.52 for internet service, when I pay less than $60.00 a month with Cox Cable.

    So, now we get to the additional “WASTE OF MY TIME AND FRUSTRATION” part! I tried very hard to be patient and not rude, but after being passed around several times it was hard to contain myself. I initially called 800-288-2020, billing/support, and spoke to Joe?, who told me he was unable to help me because I didn’t know the pass code to the account I do not have! He told me to call 866-545-9267, where I got Trent on the phone, and he could not help me because I did not have a pass code to the account I do not have. How can I have a pass code on an account I did not establish?? I was then transferred to Dennis, who could not help me, BECAUSE I DID NOT HAVE A PASS CODE TO AN ACCOUNT I DO NOT HAVE! Dennis assured me customer service could help me, even though I explained to him that I thought I had already spoke to them and they were of no help. Finally after several minutes, which seemed like hours to my busy schedule, Ms. Foster picked up. Guess what she wanted, the pass code, really?? Since I didn’t have a pass code, she asked for my pet’s name – I don’t have a pet! I told her she could try Fido, if it made her happy. So, she says what is the contact number on the account. I tried to explain it was NOT my account, but I could give her my husband’s cell number and my cell number. She told my those were not correct, and I would have to go to an AT&T store to handle the issue. I told her I refused to go to an AT&T store to correct their problem, if she could not correct her company’s problem then I should speak to her supervisor and I asked her should I go visit the attorney that lives across the street. She then determined that my home number was the contact number and she had to state several times that if I would have just given her my home number this would have been a whole lot simpler. After hearing this statement more than once I told her she could continue to “beat that dead horse, but he ain’t getting up”, and asked if we could please move on to resolving the issue, the contact number is old news. Then she asked if she could use my information to explain additional services that AT&T offers! What?I am hating AT&T at this point, does she really think she can sell me any of their services? After holding what seem like an eternity, Ms. Foster returns and asked if a modem was delivered at the time of service! What time of service? No, Ms. Foster a modem was not delivered. Don’t you think a delivered modem would have be a clue to me that I was about to get a service that was not requested? So, I ask her does it show they delivered a modem, because I would like to know who signed for it. She said No, it shows no modem delivered (why would she ask?) Ms. Foster does tell me that she will handle the matter, and she would have been able to handle it earlier if I would have only given her my home number, whack that horse one more time! Ms. Foster also made some statement about fraud, I am not sure if she was implying that I was being fraudulent or not, but I told her I felt all of this was fraudulent on the part of AT&T. She then tells me that this has escalated to the level of her supervisor, and her supervisor would be giving me a call. I asked, “when will you supervisor call me?” She said within the next 24 to 48 hours, and I told her I would surely sit around and wait on that phone call, since it was my “contact number/home phone” that she would call. Ms. Foster must of detected the sarcasm in my voice and asked if another number would be better. I told her yes my cell number, but be advised that I work nights and if her supervisor wakes me up thing could really get ugly then!

    So, this is where we stand now! My bill is resolved with much frustration. The supervisor is to call me between 5pm-7pm within the next 24-48 hours, and I have zero confidence in AT&T as a company!

    If you would like any additional information please feel free to contact me, you should have my contact number.

    Mary Johnson

    1. Mary, I feel your pain. I, too encountered a similar problem with AT& T’s voice system to nowhere and AT&T reps repeated obfuscations and lies about cancelling uVerse service. My uVerse did not work for the same reason as yours and as such was never started up. It took me 3 days of calling to get an address to return the equipment that if not returned within 21 calendar days I would be required by AT&T to pay for.(That little caveat is in the tiny print in he box. A month after returning the equipment I received a bill for $109.25 for the equipment. I was so angry I called, suffered through the e-phone prompts to nowhere, and told the live person who cancelled my bill I was filing a complaint with TN Utility regulatory Agency.
      Here is a copy of my complaint:
      I received a bill for AT&T’s U-verse equipment and service for $109.25 due
      on Oct 17, 2012 yet, I had cancelled AT&T’s U-verse service on Aug 24, 2012 following 10 confusing
      electronic voice system calls over the course of 3 days. I discovered my home is not wired for At&t’s
      U-verse in spite of the salesperson saying I had the capabilities for it. Each of the 10 separate calls to
      cancel U-verse constituted 5-7 voice prompts to reach a human being who gave me either partial
      and/or incorrect procedures for cancelling and returning the equipment. One example of many: When
      trying to return the equipment (it must be returned within 21 calendar days for a refund) the
      paperwork said there was a return label in the box. There was no return label with an address in the
      box- only a stick-on barcode label. One phone representative told me to attach that barcode label and
      the post office would know to return it to AT&T because “they had a contract with AT&T”. The PO
      knew no such procedure and later I learned that AT&T has the delivery contract with UPS. So when
      calling AT&T back another rep told me that the only way to get a return label was to order one from
      someone else in the e-chain of departments and get it via e-mail. I returned the equipment, finally,
      within 3 days. So, if someone who has no internet connection, who orders U-verse and wants to return
      the equipment and cancel the service, they have significant barriers constructed by AT&T to do so
      within the AT&T time frame. This was only one example of the obfuscation and misinformation I was
      given over the course of 3 days by AT&T. When I received this bill on Oct 2 for the equipment and
      Thank You
      1 of 2 10/3/12 9:53 AM
      called ATT (again following confusing and circular electronic voice prompts), the rep verified the
      arrival of the U-verse equipment on Sept 5, well within the 21 day time frame. So, why would I
      receive a bill in Oct for this equipment and service? Given AT&T’s prior actions I suggest that this is
      but one of many methods they use to: 1. Sell this service that they have not provided adequate levles
      of infrastructure to support. 2. Mislead customers about the infrastructure requirements of their
      U-verse service and equipment in order to sell it. 3. Set up barriers so working people who do not
      have the time to wade through 8 hours of phone calling and call transferring who will give up and pay
      up. 4. Actively promote their reps to give misleading information about cancellations and returns.
      5. Finally, and most egregious is that AT&T is taking advantage of low information and unsophisticated
      consumers who are unable to negotiate the web of deceit and barriers they set up to reduce
      cancellations and bill adjustments, thereby extracting payments for poor and inadequate internet

      I think we should post a uTube video of our problems and tarnish AT&T’s brand.

      Joan Grim

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