VPSLand.com Review

I used VPSLand.com for 2 years.  They were good to start and terrible at the end.  I had a couple of support requests over the 2 years I used them.  A couple times my plesk license expired and they didn’t renew it.  I think once I had to contact them because my sites all went down when they had some hardware problem.  For two years they were pretty good.  I didn’t bug them and they didn’t bug me and my sites stayed up most of the time.

A couple weeks ago, they deleted my VPS, it’s backups and all of its content without warning.  I had just received an email telling me my VPS would renew in a few days so I would expect the credit card charges.  Then everything  disappeared with no notice.  I emailed several times and they said they didn’t have an account under my name.  Then they said they deleted it but wouldn’t say why.  Eventually they told me that my VPS was hosting a phishing site for some south american bank !!

I was obviously hacked.  Unfortunately they had deleted everything so I wasn’t sure how I was hacked.  It would have been great to know which username had created the subdomain in my plesk account.  Unfortunately I’ll never know how they hacked my plesk account or what username they used or what else they had gained access to on my VPS.

My basic complaints are about how it ended.  I wish VPSLand.com would have emailed me so I knew they were going to shut down my account.  I would have tried to figure out how I was hacked and what info. was compromised.  I also would have had some time to move my domains to another host.  At the least, I wish they would have tried to figure out how my VPS was hacked and told me so I could prevent it on my next host.  Obviously I’ve changed all my passwords.

Within a day I had setup on an account on a new cpanel hosting environment.  I got rid of my Smalltalk application servers and converted my site back to simple html with server side includes.  This way it is easy to port to a new cpanel host at a moments notice.  I guess I’ll save a few bucks this year but it wasn’t worth the headaches.


One thought on “VPSLand.com Review

  1. I was a client for many years with vpsland until last week.I had a perfectly tuned windows vps server which didn´t need any maintenance whatsoever.Had to go to a hospital visit for a week and when I returned my domains weren´t accessible, weird.when I wanted to start a terminal session without success with my regular credentials same luck.THEY DELETED EVERYTHING, EMAIL ARCHIVES, PHOTO ALBUMS, DATABASES, EVERYTHING!!!!!
    It seems that they sent a single email the 22nd indicating that they were going to migrate and the 25th everything was gone (never could read my emails ´cause I had no server).
    Way to go smart businessmen, way to go…

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