Brother MFC J825DW with Ubuntu 12.04, Windows 7, RHEL 6.4 and Android 2.3

I recently bought a Brother MFC J825DW all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax machine. This is a wifi enabled printer so it made it possible for me to put the printer downstairs in the same room where we keep the kids’ computers. Now I don’t have to hear the loud printing noises in the middle of my work day. My wife is in school so she prints a lot – hundreds of pages of coursework for her classes. I was sick of leaving the room while I was on the phone to avoid the loud printer noises. Now the printer is downstairs closer to her and I am no longer tethered to the printer.

Here are my end of week one observations:

  • Setup for wireless use was super easy and did NOT require tethering it to a computer
  • Setup for Google Cloudprint was easy so I can print from my Android devices
  • Ink is cheaper than my old HP and there are generic suppliers that make Ink VERY cheap.  I’m not sure they work yet but I’m hoping they do.
  • Setup on Ubuntu was easy
  • Setup on RHEL was easy
  • Setup on Windows was easy
  • Print quality is just OK when on draft mode.  Draft mode and fast printing is fast and faded because it uses less ink.  I’m OK with the draft quality but I wish it was just a tad bit better.  Nothing to complain about though.
  • The printer doesn’t have any lights to tell you it is on – but it is on.  A tiny led would have been nice – but I don’t mind now that I know it is on even when not lit up.
  • The printer is more quiet than my old HP.  I could hear the old HP from downstairs.  This printer I cannot hear from upstairs.  Sometimes I can barely hear it from the next room.
  • So far I’m VERY happy with it

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