Ubuntu 12.04 All Around

I recently switched to Ubuntu 12.04 for three of my computers (my lenovo g580, my son’s hp desktop and my other son’s dell laptop).  I had a very hard time making the switch because I ran into troubles with 13.04 not working for wifi on my Lenovo g580 or the 12.10 nvidia drivers not working on my son’s HP Pavilion a1540n desktop.  Then I accidentally installed a 32bit version of 12.04 that I had on CD.  I thought it was a 64bit version but it was a 32bit version.  It worked like a charm all around.  It solved my nvidia problems on the desktop and my wifi problems on my g580 laptop as well.  So nice.  Now I run RHEL 6.4 on my work laptop and Ubuntu 12.04 on my personal laptop, my son’s HP desktop and my other son’s Dell laptop.  My wife’s netbook is the only one left in the house running Windows (Windows 7) – Yay!


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