Why Ting Is Better Than Virgin Mobile

Recently I switched from Virgin Mobile to Ting.  Here are a few reasons that Ting is better than Virgin Mobile:

  • Customer Service!!  Ting’s customer service is fast and fantastic.  When you call Ting’s customer service, you don’t get funneled into a deep menu system.  Instead, a human being picks up the phone after a few rings and helps you.  They actually know about their products and services or have access to other people who can answer more complicated questions.  I have called them a few times so far and I am sold.  All companies should do customer service like Ting does customer service!
  • Price!  On Virgin Mobile I had service for 2 phones and those phones were costing me $70/mo.  On Ting I have service for 4 phones and it is costing me $54/mo.
  • App!!  The Ting app on Android is great!  It lets me track my usage and set alerts for myself and estimates my next bill.  In contrast, when I was on Virgin Mobile I actually built my own app to to track my used minutes.  The company supplied app was useless.
  • My MMS picture messages finally work.  On Virgin Mobile they never worked properly.  I would get empty mms messages and not know what was being said.  On Ting, the messages at least come though and I can read them.  I still have the Android problem that the stock messaging app mismanages group chats but at least I get all the messages now!

If you find my blog posts about Ting helpful and are considering signing up for Ting, please consider using this link.  If you use this link to sign up, we will both get a $25 credit in our Ting accounts (thanks!)  https://zejffn1eh54.ting.com/


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