Ting vs. Virgin Mobile – Ting Saved Me $85 Last Month

I have recently blogged about Ting and Virgin Mobile and I have compared the two services.  To read more about the comparisons you can see the category here.

This post is about how much money I saved with Ting last month.

Ting Bill

Last month (from Sept. 13 – Oct 12, 2013) my Ting bill was:

Combined Minutes   (medium):  $ 9.00
Combined Messages  (medium):  $ 5.00
Combined Megabytes (medium):  $13.00
4 Phone Devices:              $23.80
Usage Total:                  $50.80
Taxes and Fees:               $ 3.91
Total:                        $54.71

Virgin Mobile (Hypothetical Bill)

My Virgin Mobile Bill would have been:

Beyond Talk phone 1:  $35 + taxes and fees
Beyond Talk phone 2:  $35 + taxes and fees
Beyond Talk phone 3:  $35 + taxes and fees
Beyond Talk phone 4:  $35 + taxes and fees
Total:                $140 + taxes and fees for 4 accounts

Ting Saved Me $85 Last Month

Not including the taxes and fees from Virgin Mobile, I saved at least $85 by switching to Ting.  Those taxes probably add up to another $12 so the real savings is probably closer to $97.

How Did That Happen?

As I have explained in previous posts, we are heavy wifi users.  Our kids are young so their phones are mostly for emergencies or occasionally when they go over a friend’s house.  The kids use almost no minutes, messages or megabytes but both of their phones are active.  My wife is home on wifi a lot but she does text a lot.  She also uses her cell phone from time to time.   I’m home all the time so I use wifi for most things including voip calls over wifi.  I do text a lot – usually with my wife so that counts as 2 texts (me sending and her receiving).   We fit the perfect profile for a Ting user who saves a ton of money on cell usage.  We text plenty, don’t talk that much and don’t use much data (since we’re always on wifi).

Sign Up for Ting And Get a $25 Credit (I’ll get a $25 Credit Too)

If you find my blog posts about Ting helpful and are considering signing up for Ting, please consider using this link. If you use this link to sign up, we will both get a $25 credit in our Ting accounts (thanks!) https://zejffn1eh54.ting.com/


5 thoughts on “Ting vs. Virgin Mobile – Ting Saved Me $85 Last Month

  1. Thanks for the article. I have one question. Each phone can have 101-500 minutes, 101-1000 messages and 101-500 MB data ?


  2. monty,
    Have you ever concidered using Google Voice to do your texting. You could migrate your phone numbers there and then the texts are sent over wifi instead of over the cell network. I know then amount you pay for texts is small but it could be even smaller.

    1. Yes, I have considered it. I setup GoogleVoice when I was having troubles texting certain people. It was a problem with my google contact that caused the stock android messaging app to fail only on some contacts. The reasons I use text messages instead of GoogleVoice are:
      – I would have to port my number. I think you can port number in to GoogleVoice but not out of google voice. I don’t want to get my number stuck there.
      – GoogleVoice requires a wifi or data connection. When I am away from home I have an AutomateIt rule to turn off my wifi and my data so I don’t waste data. If I have to be connected to data for GoogleVoice to receive text messages then I will spend megabytes instead of messages. Messages are much cheaper than megabytes so I decided to stay with messages.
      – Even when our family’s phones are off wifi and data, we can still get text messages. It is the thing we use to communicate because it is most reliable.
      – Like you said, messages are pretty cheap

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