Ting vs. Boost Mobile – Ting Saved Me $175 Last Month

Last month my Ting cellular bill was amazingly low considering I have 4 phones.  Here is how my last month’s bill broke down:

Ting Actual Bill (Oct 13 – Nov 12)

Combined Minutes   (medium):  $ 9.00
Combined Messages  (medium):  $ 5.00
Combined Megabytes (medium):  $ 3.00
4 Phone Devices:              $24.00
Usage Total:                  $41.00
Taxes and Fees:               $ 3.91
Total:                        $44.91

Boost Mobile Hypothetical Bill

Android Device 1:             $ 55.00
Android Device 2:             $ 55.00
Android Device 3:             $ 55.00
Android Device 4:             $ 55.00
Usage Total:                  $220.00
Taxes and Fees:               $  3.91
Total:                        $223.91

Ting Saved Me $175 Last Month

If my four android devices were on Boost Mobile with unlimited plans instead of Ting it would have cost me at least $223 (assuming none of my payments had shrunk yet).  It is true that I would have been able to use more minutes and more data and more text message on Boost.  This isn’t about what I could have done.  This is about what I actually did.  My actual usage was low because we are always on wifi as a family and we don’t talk on our cell phones that much.

How Did That Happen?

As I have explained in previous posts, we are heavy wifi users.  Our kids are young so their phones are mostly for emergencies or occasionally when they go over a friend’s house.  The kids use almost no minutes, messages or megabytes but both of their phones are active.  My wife is home on wifi a lot but she does text a lot.  She also uses her cell phone from time to time.   I’m home all the time so I use wifi for most things including voip calls over wifi.  I do text a lot – usually with my wife so that counts as 2 texts (me sending and her receiving).   We fit the perfect profile for a Ting user who saves a ton of money on cell usage.  We text plenty, don’t talk that much and don’t use much data (since we’re always on wifi).

Sign Up for Ting And Get a $25 Credit (I’ll get a $25 Credit Too)

If you find my blog posts about Ting helpful and are considering signing up for Ting, please consider using this link. If you use this link to sign up, we will both get a $25 credit in our Ting accounts (thanks!) https://zejffn1eh54.ting.com/


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