DD-WRT firmware on Netgear WNDR4300 Router – QoS and Port Forwarding Don’t Work Together

A few days ago I installed the DD-WRT firmware on my Netgear WNDR4300 Router.  This router was pretty good but the Quality of Service functionality was lacking.  I decided to try a switch to DD-WRT since I read on the web that it was possible.  This guy’s blog post describes the process very well so I followed his lead.

First I downloaded the img file from going to the dd-wrt site and searching the router database.  Then I downloaded the img file and uploaded it to my router.  After the install I refreshed the page and the dd-wrt software came up!  Easy!
Then I tried to configure QOS.  I set mine up by MAC address so it took some work to compile the list.  We have a tone of devices connected to wifi in my house at any one time:  ereaders, phones, pcs, game systems, oh my!  I first started by adding all the MAC addresses into the list but quickly realized that only the high priority devices need to be listed.  I listed my phone (for VOIP calling), our whole-house magicjack and my work and personal computers as higher priority devices:qos1I set the 2 voip devices as Premium.  I set my 2 computers at Express.  My kids game systems and ereaders will all be set at Standard by default.  This setup seems to work OK so far (after only a day or two):qosSetupOK, now for the bad news.  After googleing around and a fair amount of experimentation I discovered that UPNP or static port forwarding DO NOT WORK with QOS on DD-WRT firmware.  So you have to pick which one you want more.  This really stinks because I need both.  Xbox requires UPNP or static forwarding.  For now I’m using QOS but I might have to disable it to allow Xbox to use upnp.  If anyone knows how to get UPNP or static port forwading to work with QOS on DD-WRT please leave a comment.   If anyone knows of a router that can do both QoS and Port Forwarding well and at the same time, please leave a comment.  As soon as I enable QOS, my port forwards stop working.


2 thoughts on “DD-WRT firmware on Netgear WNDR4300 Router – QoS and Port Forwarding Don’t Work Together

  1. Did you ever find a solution? I’m about to enter the firmware/vpn world of techy talk and didn’t stop to think that there would ever be any issues with the Xbox *face palm*. Any suggestions that you’d be wiling to share would be super duper helpful!

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