Static types in Javascript

I’m not sure I like the idea of adding static types to javascript.  I’m ok with the idea of having the checker try to help you if it thinks there are problems (a warning) but augmenting the code with type hints seems a little gross to me.  Just my first impressions..

They’ve got filth and muck on them!

Today I fixed my sprinkler system.  I don’t know much about sprinkler systems but google is wise.  The first thing I fixed was a shorted out solenoid.  If I wiggled the wires to it, I could get it to work for short periods of time.  I picked up a universal replacement from Lowes like this one.  After my tinkering I also noticed that other zones weren’t working properly and acting like they lacked water pressure.  This was a problem that I caused by replacing the bad solenoid and letting dirt get in the connection.  This prevented the solenoid from properly shutting the valve which left some water diverted to the first zone, thus decreasing the overall water pressure.  I removed the defective solenoid, shop-vac’ed the dirt out of the connection and put the replacement solenoid in place.  Then I stripped and connected the wires with waterproof wire nuts.  Ta da!  Now there was no more shorting out and I had full water pressure.

The next problem I fixed was the sprinkler head at the edge of the zone.  It was tilted in the grass so it only watered about half the zone.  I fixed that by just digging out the grass and dirt on one side, standing the sprinkler head up vertically and replacing the dirt on the other side to hold the sprinkler head in place.  That seems to have worked for now.  I’ll check it in a few days to make sure it is still upright.

Total cost was $14 for the solenoid and wire nuts and an hour of my time.  Now, hopefully I don’t have to think about the sprinkler system for another year!

DD-WRT firmware on Netgear WNDR4300 Router – Parenting Tool

To be honest, we haven’t been doing the best this summer with keeping the kids off their electronics.  In fact, we’re doing the worst we’ve ever done.  We’re busy.  The kids are addicted to their electronics and turning them off is a bit like taking the drugs away from an addict – not without a fight.

Not that long ago, I instituted a wifi blackout at 10pm and recently rolled it back to 9:30pm.  This helps keep the kids from trying to sneak their devices into their rooms to communicate with friends or play connected games. It also renders xbox online games mostly useless and stops youtube video watching all together.

Next I added a mid-day wifi blackout from 4-6pm to force the kids to go outside and play while the sun is out.  The first week went over like telling a smoker they can’t smoke on and airplane in 1980.  They played right up to the blackout time and then moped around for the next 2 hours.  After several days of being irritated with their antics, I threatened to extend the blackout if they didn’t start going outside to play.   Now it has been several weeks and they have actually started pulling out board games and making up their own games to play.  So far so good.

The next phase of my plan is to flip the blackouts so that the wifi blackouts are the norm and instead there will be open wifi times.  Once school starts, I plan to setup their wifi access so they can only have access between 6-8:30pm.  That should prevent them from rushing through their homework to get to video games and also kick them off early enough that they can take their ridiculously long showers before bed.

DD-WRT access restrictions on my router seem to be working pretty well.  Every once and a while they flake and I have to jiggle the handle by re-saving the already saved settings.  It is annoying but it isn’t frequent enough to make me want to switch to some other router or firmware.