Minutes Checker


Minutes Checker Free is a free android app and Minutes Checker Pro is the paid-donation version of the same app.  The app lets you check your Virgin Mobile prepaid minutes and data usage from your Android devices.  I haven’t had a Virgin Mobile prepaid phone in a couple years so enhancements and bug fixes are few and far between.  Every once and a while I hear of a bug from a willing app user who helps me debug it since I don’t have my own account to access.  Since putting this app out and later discontinuing my Virgin Mobile service, several other great alternative apps have sprung up in the Google Play store.

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  • Check your Virgin Mobile USA minutes AND data usage with one click
  • You don’t have to login to the virgin mobile website with a tiny browser anymore!
  • Supports multiple accounts (top account in list is primary account)
  • Works for auto-pay and manual pay accounts
  • Widgets for your home screen (only works if not installed on SD)
  • Show popup message before and after call to show you your used minutes (must open app once)
  • Can Move to SD (not if you use widgets)

Screen Shots

2013-04-20-11-57-00widget3 widget4 accountList2 accountList addAccount itemMenu 2013-04-20-11-57-00