Tombstone Creator


Tombstone Creator was originally build and sold as a commercial software package to help a large regional bank’s investment banking division generate graphic tombstones to commemorate deals.  The software was built and customized for the regional bank and later further customized and upgraded per the customer’s requirements.  The bank used the generated tombstones help impress potential clients with pitch books full of crisp, consistent tombstones. 

Later, Tombstone Creator was re-written as a SaaS business with a subscription model where investment banks and private equity firms could pay monthly for access to the online service that would help them generate tombstones and build up a catalog of those tombstones to be used in pitch books.  Users could customize the input options and download generated tombstones in batches.


  • Create Debt & Equity and Merger & Acquisition layouts
  • Tombstones all have a consistent look
  • Configurable lists enforce consistency
  • Crisp images are easy to re-size for pitch books
  • Creating tombstones is fast and easy
  • Import logos in png, jpeg, gif, or bmp formats
  • Run as a stand-alone desktop application or on a corporate intranet


Screen Shots