WikiWeb started out as the first free public wiki farm and operated as a free service for two years before evolving into a commercial software package that allowed users to create and maintain their own wikis.  Software sales steadily slowed after the dot-com bubble burst.  In 2008 we shut the business down.  The WikiWeb commercial software still works great but is no longer maintained or supported.


  • Collaborate using modifiable web pages
  • Automatic web page linking and creation
  • Changes are instantly published
  • Page change notifications via email
  • Control user access and privileges
  • File sharing
  • Page index and full text search
  • List and restore previous page versions


  • The US Air Force Research Lab
  • Johns Hopkins University Advanced Physics Labs
  • Cornell University
  • NewCountancy Inc.
  • Sabre, Inc
  • Retek Inc
  • Mabry Software Inc.
  • GBC
  • IP Services
  • Typetec Ireland
  • Moneyline Telerate

Screen Shots


wikiweb-screen-register wikiweb-screen-login wikiweb-screen-my-wikiweb wikiweb-screen-wiki-page-view wikiweb-screen-wiki-page-edit wikiweb-screen-wiki-page-changes wikiweb-screen-wiki-file-uploads wikiweb-screen-wiki-changes wikiweb-screen-wiki-properties