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Get a daily email digest of my blog

I added this feedburner thing on the right side of the page at the top that lets you subscribe to a daily digest of this blog in email so you don’t have to come here and read it each day. Seemed like a nice thing to add so I did. I hope someone gets use out of it.

I think I might use that same feature for my business blog to help people stay up to date with postings. I’m posting out of stock and back in stock messages on the blog so it would be good for people waiting for a product to come back in stock.


WordPress Has A Nice Blog System

I like blogging. This blog is my personal blog. I also maintain a blog to talk just about those TV shows and movies that entertained me lately. I finally created a blog for my web business and manually imported the old entries into it. I was just updating a static page on the site but now it is a proper blog hosted at wordpress.com. It is a pretty nice system. I was also able to back-date the entries so they matched the old manual blog that I had maintained on the site. Pretty cool.


I must be getting old because I just don’t get myspace. I have a myspace account and I think I’ve even gotten some benefit from it by making contact with old friends. Still, it’s messy. It’s sloppy and noisy. I like pages that are neat and tidy. Myspace feels like a teenager’s bedroom with dirty clothes on the floor and loud annoying music playing. I just want to close the door and leave. I’ve looked at a few ways to customize my myspace page but it still doesn’t clean up the look of every other page on myspace so it isn’t that useful. When did I get so old?

Close of Business

So today was a good blog day. I created it and used it a few times (probably more than I should have). I hope I can keep it up. I looked around the web today and noticed that there are a ton of my friends and coworkers that keep blogs so it must not be that hard. I guess the trick is to post often but keep the posts small. I bet my buddy Scott would be interested in knowing I have a blog now – I think he follows a bunch of blogs (probably more interesting than mine). Anyway, if I keep it going then I’ll send him the url. I guess the test will be if I’m still blogging here in a month.

First Post

Ok, so I’m very bad at writing in a journal (tried that before) so we’ll see how this goes. I want to have some place where I can rant and rave and say useless things and I didn’t want to have it tied directly to any of my personal websites or business websites (although I’ll probably refer to them here and there).

WaaaaaHoooo! My first post!