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Go Lakers!

Ok, I’m a Lakers fan. I live near Cleveland so I should be a Cavs fan but I’m a Lakers fan. My dad was a Lakers fan. My friend Scott is a Lakers fan. Don’t get me wrong; I like the Cavs now that Lebron is there and they don’t suck, but I’m still a Lakers fan. I liked Chicago when MJ was there. I like LA with Kobe. I love the superstars – Magic, Kobe, Shaq, MJ, TMac, etc. I like the guys who can take over a game and score 50% of their teams points even though the opponent tries with all their might to stop him. So, with Kobe it’s a no brainer – he is the best player in the game today and I’m a Lakers fan. I’m missing a game….. gotta run. Clippers@Lakers – go Lakers!