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Imus is an idiot

Recently there has been a media frenzy around some stupid comments that Don Imus made on his radio show. His comments were stupid and perhaps racist or sexist, but mainly just stupid. If he was a shock jock it would have been low key. If he was a serious news man it would have been unbelievable. He isn’t either so it was somewhere in between. It took a week for it all to unfold but in the end he was fired. I thought he should have been fired from day one – not for being racist or sexist but for jeopardising the business of radio . He could have cost CBS sponsors (he did in the end). He could have cost the radio show listeners (remains to be seen). If it had been a retail store and he had offended customers he would have been fired immediately. I don’t know if he is a racist or sexist or just plain stupid but my money is on stupid.

Happy Feet

We watched Happy Feet the movie this weekend. I rented it for the boys and they were pretty excited to see it once they saw the DVD cover. I was a bit disappointed with it. It seemed like there were too many elements in the story that were over their heads – the boys are 5 and 3. The idea that there were aliens (humans) who were stealing all their fish or that one penguin was an outcast because he could dance but not sing were both just a bit out of reach for them. When it was over the boys were happy so that was good. My younger one got bored about halfway through the movie but at the end he was happy. All the music and dancing were what held their attention most of the way. Not as good as Cars or Shrek or other similar movies but still mildly entertaining.

CA, PCD, DK Concert

The night before last I went to see the CA, PCD, DK concert in Cleveland with my wife. The tickets were a gift from my wife on my birthday, months ago. The seats were great – on the floor at the CSU Wolstein center. We were 16 rows from the stage and could make out the features of all the performers. DK was a bit weak. There singing was fine but the act was poor. My wife noted that some of the girls had gotten heavy since they were on tv. PCD was really good. They could tour on their own so they must be with CA because they make more money this way. CA was so great. Man, she can sing and the show she put on was awesome. It was a great birthday gift – thanks wife. Oh yeah, and thanks dad for babysitting so we could go!

The Holiday

I just finished watching this movie, The Holiday. I wanted to rent Blood Diamond but my wife wanted to see The Holiday. It was very very good. I expected to be bored and even though it was longer than expected it kept me entertained the entire time. The story is about two women who swap homes around Christmas time to get away from their own lives which recently included breakup-type disappointments. Anyway, they swap homes and end up meeting new men and end up happy in the end. It was a very well done happy ending movie. Good stuff – everyone goes to bed happy, me included.

Go Lakers!

Ok, I’m a Lakers fan. I live near Cleveland so I should be a Cavs fan but I’m a Lakers fan. My dad was a Lakers fan. My friend Scott is a Lakers fan. Don’t get me wrong; I like the Cavs now that Lebron is there and they don’t suck, but I’m still a Lakers fan. I liked Chicago when MJ was there. I like LA with Kobe. I love the superstars – Magic, Kobe, Shaq, MJ, TMac, etc. I like the guys who can take over a game and score 50% of their teams points even though the opponent tries with all their might to stop him. So, with Kobe it’s a no brainer – he is the best player in the game today and I’m a Lakers fan. I’m missing a game….. gotta run. Clippers@Lakers – go Lakers!