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Minutes Checker Virgin Mobile App (v5)

I just posted the latest update to my Minutes Checker Virgin Mobile Android app.

This version includes support for multiple accounts so you can check your minutes and also your family members’ minutes.  This version also includes some speed optimizations to make checking your minutes faster.  Enjoy!



Blog Overhaul

Over the last week I’ve been working on cleaning up my online content.  I run several websites, several blogs, several Facebook pages, several Twitter accounts, etc.  I decided to convert my blog (this blog) into a main site about me and all of my projects.  It wasn’t much of a leap.  This has been my blog for a very long time so I have posts about all facets of my life going back years.  I created pages to talk about the free software I have written and the entrepreneurial efforts I’ve been a part of.  I’m not sure that anyone cares other than me but for now I’m happy because I finally have a site to tie it all together.

Notes Worthy Android App

Lately, in my free time I’ve been working on learning how to build Android apps.   This is mainly for my entertainment and so I can learn the Android SDK better.  I want to be able to build real apps that I can monetize either through ads or purchase.  To get there, I decided I should build some simple apps first.  My first app is called Notes Worthy.  It is a simple notepad-like app that lets you save a list of text notes.   There are hundreds of these types of notepad apps in the Google Play Store but my version is very stable, pretty small, does just what I want and no more.  It is very fast to add a note and not filled with useless features that complicate it.  Feel free to try it.  You can download it from my personal site or on the Google Play Store.

Small savings add up

I recently made some changes that should some money over the current year:

  • Downgraded my VPS hosting plan at VPSLand.com to the starter package since I wasn’t using the extra memory or disk space (saved $6/mo)
  • Dropped Callcentric softphone as our business voicemail even though their service was good.  Instead switched to googlevoice since this line is almost never used (saved $2/mo)
  • Swithed from Time Warner Cable to AT&T Uverse.  (saved $40/mo over this yr)
  • Switched from paper to electronic statements for amex and wells fargo merchant accounts (saved $12.50/mo)

It is  a continuous effort but so far I’m pretty happy with the savings.

Investment Banking Tombstone Software

Investment banking tombstone software?

Are you looking for an application that lets you generate great looking investment banking tombstones?  Tombstone Creator is software that lets you create investment banking tombstones in png image format (like gif or jpg) so you can size them up or down for use in power point slide presentations.  The software helps you generate consistent images for debt and equity or merger and acquisition deals and is very easy to use.  Check it out at TombstoneCreator.com!

Squeak / Smalltalk / Smalltalk Server Pages

I’m almost done building another application with Squeak / Smalltalk / Smalltalk Server Pages.  The application is nearly done and will be available in another couple weeks and up on the new site (domain already purchased).  I wish I had a preview up to show people.

That will make 3 applications or sites running Smalltalk Server Pages in Squeak:

  • W6Talent.com – a site that allows creative agencies to book talent from multiple reputable talent agencies
  • GoodStart.com – a site about the Smalltalk programming language
  • The new site / application .. coming soon

The Bat to Gmail

Yesterday I used Gmail’s imap to import messages from The Bat.  I’ve been using The Bat for several years now for business email for our colic business.  It has worked well but I really wanted D to be able to check our business account from downstairs or from anywhere else on the web (like when I travel).  So, yesterday I decided to try to get the email into Gmail.  It worked, but it was a pain.  I suspect that I lost a couple hundred messages in all because of unknown errors either from The Bat or Gmail.

It was painful.  What I did was create a Gmail account and enable IMAP support.  Then I setup that IMAP account inside The Bat.  Then I created IMAP folders inside The Bat and copied messages from a folder in our old account in The Bat to this new folder in this new IMAP account in The Bat.  Then I waited and watched The Bat struggle to push all these messages to the server.  The points of pain were:

  • Getting the settings correct in The Bat for the new Gmail IMAP account
  • Doing a folder contents copy for each folder (about 4o of them) from the old account in The Bat to the IMAP account in The Bat
  • The BAT doesn’t show you anything useful when it is trying to upload these messages to the server.  In fact, sometimes it closes the connection window but keeps working.  Other times it keeps the connection window open but stops working.  So, I had to monitor the progress inside the Gmail folder to see how many messages had arrived.

When it was all done I disabled POP and IMAP access inside Gmail.  I changed our old pop account to be a forwarder to push the mail to Gmail.  I setup Gmail with our account so we can send mail from Gmail and have it look like it came from the old account.

So far, I’m impressed that Gmail does such a good job at detecting spam and not accidentally considering real email as Spam.  So far I’ve had no false positives.  Hopefully this works out and we can stay with Gmail from now on for our business email.

Talent Site About To Get Critical Mass

We have worked out an arrangement with a talent agency to pre-load talent on the site.  Tonight I began work on the import script that will take the exported data they sent us and import it into our database so it will appear on our site.  Once I’m finished we’ll have a good pool of professional talent in the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Louisville markets.  Having this talent on the site will make it possible for ad agencies and photographers to use the site to book talent and will also give other talent a reason to sign up – they will be able to tell that people are actually using the site.  I hope that it will be enough.. that we will have the critical mass required be successful.

W6 Night Out

On Tuesday I went to eat at the Paladar restaurant in Woodmere.  It was fantastic.  The food was so damn good.  I nearly ate  myself sick.  We were having a night out with just the 3 W6 partners.  We are starting to add talent to the w6talent.com site now.  We just hung out and ate and chilled.  Good times.