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The Bat to Gmail

Yesterday I used Gmail’s imap to import messages from The Bat.  I’ve been using The Bat for several years now for business email for our colic business.  It has worked well but I really wanted D to be able to check our business account from downstairs or from anywhere else on the web (like when I travel).  So, yesterday I decided to try to get the email into Gmail.  It worked, but it was a pain.  I suspect that I lost a couple hundred messages in all because of unknown errors either from The Bat or Gmail.

It was painful.  What I did was create a Gmail account and enable IMAP support.  Then I setup that IMAP account inside The Bat.  Then I created IMAP folders inside The Bat and copied messages from a folder in our old account in The Bat to this new folder in this new IMAP account in The Bat.  Then I waited and watched The Bat struggle to push all these messages to the server.  The points of pain were:

  • Getting the settings correct in The Bat for the new Gmail IMAP account
  • Doing a folder contents copy for each folder (about 4o of them) from the old account in The Bat to the IMAP account in The Bat
  • The BAT doesn’t show you anything useful when it is trying to upload these messages to the server.  In fact, sometimes it closes the connection window but keeps working.  Other times it keeps the connection window open but stops working.  So, I had to monitor the progress inside the Gmail folder to see how many messages had arrived.

When it was all done I disabled POP and IMAP access inside Gmail.  I changed our old pop account to be a forwarder to push the mail to Gmail.  I setup Gmail with our account so we can send mail from Gmail and have it look like it came from the old account.

So far, I’m impressed that Gmail does such a good job at detecting spam and not accidentally considering real email as Spam.  So far I’ve had no false positives.  Hopefully this works out and we can stay with Gmail from now on for our business email.

Talent Site About To Get Critical Mass

We have worked out an arrangement with a talent agency to pre-load talent on the site.  Tonight I began work on the import script that will take the exported data they sent us and import it into our database so it will appear on our site.  Once I’m finished we’ll have a good pool of professional talent in the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Louisville markets.  Having this talent on the site will make it possible for ad agencies and photographers to use the site to book talent and will also give other talent a reason to sign up – they will be able to tell that people are actually using the site.  I hope that it will be enough.. that we will have the critical mass required be successful.

W6 Talent – New Site

OK, our new site is pretty much up and running.  If you are a model that works for one of these talent agencies in OH,PA,MI then please visit W6 Talent and sign up for a free account.  With your free account you can create a profile and get booked by real clients through your talent agency.

These are the approved talent agencies so far:

  • Active Image Management
  • CAM Talent
  • Docherty
  • Heyman Talent
  • IMI Talent Management
  • Midwest Model Management
  • Pro-Model Talent Management
  • Stone Model Talent
  • Talent Group

For those that care, the whole site is written in Seaside / Squeak / Smalltalk with an Apache front end that redirects to the Squeak image.

Server Hell

Lately I’m in email hell.  My web host (ehostpros.com) upgraded the server that hosts several of my websites.  It was needed because the server was ancient, very slow and running out of disk space.  They did the upgrade and after everything “seemed” fine.  In fact, they had some problem that prevented ftp upload (download worked).  This meant that I couldn’t update my website to reflect that we ran our of inventory for some products.  Customers could order products that we can’t ship so we would have to cancel orders and contact the customers to explain the problem.  The contact forms on all of my websites stopped working.  Site visitors could not contact me about site problems, updates, customer questions, etc.  All of the email forwarders that I had setup to forward to yahoo mail accounts stopped working because yahoo decided that mail coming from my domain is spam (my wife gets a TON of spam).  This meant that my wife, mom, dad, and my email addresses stopped working.  Ugh.

I got the host to fix the ftp problem.

I created pop accounts instead of forwarders (pop accounts we can check from yahoo).  I encountered a failure creating the pop accounts and had to have the web host fix my quota after the upgrade.

I fixed my web forms to send mail to the new pop account so that the mail would make it there.

For now, things seem to be working.

Wink – Software Demo Software

Today I downloaded Wink.  Wink is a software package that records your demo of other software.  This way you can create a demo of your software for other people to see (like a movie).

I’m using Wink to create a demo of my new new Squeak/Seaside application that connects talent agencies with advertising agencies.  Here is a link to the my demo of how to use our search functionality.  It took me about an hour to get used to the demo software (make the mouse movements match up with my desired actions & record audio that matched).  I am planning on doing several demos like this one to show users how to perform various actions on the site.