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HPMini 210

Santa brought my wife and I a HPMini 210 netbook computer for Christmas.  My wife wanted a netbook to replace the larger laptop we were using in our living room and so she could take it to school with her to use during her breaks between classes.  I wanted a netbook for the occasional vacation.  Neither of us could come up with enough reason to buy one but luckily Santa brought us one!

So far I’ve been pretty happy with it.  I hacked the 1024×600 display so that it works at 1152×864.  That helped add some screen real estate.   So far my only gripes are that the buttons on the mouse pad are sort of sticky and you can’t touch them while also sliding the mouse with the other hand.  That is annoying.  I haven’t really pushed the battery life or processor so I can’t say much about them.   For web surfing and document writing this ~$300 model works very well.

Snowball Fight!!

Today the kids went out to play in the snow and I joined them a few minutes later for a three-on-one snowball fight.  M and Z were joined by the neighbor girl.  I had to defend myself against all three of them.  The upside for me was that their hands were too small to make quality snow balls.  Still, I’d call it a tie.   I landed more than they did but I had to stop and go in because I got too winded from all the running around.


Z started Karate a couple months ago and M starts this week.  The instructor is pretty strict but they seem to like learning the moves and how to punch and kick.  I’m hoping they keep it up through the winter so they have at least one activity to keep them busy and moving.

Flag Football Season

This year’s flag football season was fun.  M played for the 49’ers.  He enjoyed it but by the end he was looking forward to doing something new.  He didn’t get the ball much – maybe 2 touches in all the games.  He was a late sign-up and he was 1 year younger than most of the kids.  He worked hard all season, only missed one practice because of scheduling conflicts and overall had a good time.  He got team pictures and personalized football cards.  He says he wants to play next year and so does Z so I’m hoping they can be on the same team.

M’s First Goal!

This weekend M scored his first soccer goal!  He was so happy as he ran back to midfield to get ready for play.   D, Z and I cheared from the sidelines.  How exciting.

On Wednesday night during Z’s soccer practice, I played with M on one of the open fields.  We worked on centering the ball and where to go to be ready for a pass when someone else centers the ball.   Then on Saturday the pieces fell together.  The weather was cold and wet and very few kids showed up for practice.   The kids played 4 on 4.  That left the field with very little defense on either side.  The boy who passed to M.. well passing doesn’t happen much in 2nd grade soccer.. so it was a pretty big deal to center the ball as a pass.  M was in the right spot and just tapped it in.


Big Kids

My sister’s  boyfriend’s kids are here for a few hours tonight while they go out to eat.  The kids are huge!  They are both taller than my wife and they are 9 and 10 yrs old.  Amazingly big kids.  I can’t image how tall they will be when they are full-grown.  My sister’s boyfriend is 6″5 I think.  I would not be surprised if the kids end up taller than that even.  They look giant compared to my kids.

Weak Bowler

We’ve been bowling nightly using the Wii and I now see that I am the weakest bowler in the house.  Everyone’s high score is around 240 except for me (around 205).  Everyone has a higher pro score than I do although I am a pro.  I need to work on my game!  I’m getting beat by 2 kids and a wife who bowls while sitting down!