Tag: Friends

Good Times

After work today I went and ate and played pool with my good friend Scott.  He had never been to Dave and Busters so we went there.  The pool tables are nice and at dinner time on a Wednesday, it was very quiet.  We basically had the pool area to ourselves.  I won most of the games but neither of us played very well.  It was nice to get out of the house and hang out with an old friend.  I’m feeling very relaxed now.  I should do that more often.

Night Out With Ryan and Bret

We had a night out with the kids last weekend.  We went out to eat by Ryan’s house and then went back to his house for the evening.  The kids played with Lauren.  The WII kept them entertained most of the night.  The adults played LCR and had a bunch of Texas Hold-Em poker tournaments.  It was a good time.  We got home very, very late and the kids actually slept in late the next day.  The kids did manage to leave 3 of their DS games at Ryan’s house 😦

Met Up With Old Coworkers

Yesterday I drove up to meet with some friends from my previous job.  Becky keeps us all in touch by organizing meetings every month or two.  I had to skip out on our last meeting because I was rushing to get ready to leave for a trip to Paris for work.  This time we met up and chatted for a while at the Fox and Hound restaurant.  Thanks Becky for keeping us all in touch.

Facebook & Twitter

Lately I’ve been using Facebook and Twitter but I think I’m going to just keep blogging instead.  Facebook ends up taking up a lot of time .. with all the “pass a drink around” requests and looking at photos of people I knew 20 years ago.  Twitter is skinnier but even with that I really just want to read the status changes and not all the links to external information.  Maybe I’m burning out on Twitter and Facebook.

Fun Saturday Night

Last Saturday (4 days ago.. man time is just flying by) we had Bret and Mollie over to hang out.  They brought their Wii to play with and the kids loved that.  We played shut the box (D won twice), Monopoly (Mollie won) and Boggle (D won without it even being close).  It was a fun evening.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday.  Drive safe.  We are planning on just having a relaxing night at home with the kids (first time in the last few years of New Years Eves).  D picked up some party favors and food so we’ll probably over eat and hopefully make it until midnight.