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Bret Stopped By Today

Bret stopped by today on his way to his millionth tattoo removal treatment.  I put the numbing cream on his back so it doesn’t hurt.  We chatted for a bit and I showed him around the house so he could see all the changes we have made to make the house look bigger – we are planning on listing it for sale in the next week or two.  It wasn’t a long visit but it was good to see him.

Bret’s Wedding Reception

This weekend we went to Bret’s wedding reception.  It was a nice affair held at a part in Youngstown.  They rented out a building there and had it catered.  It was fun.  The kids got totally grass stained and dirty playing with all the other kids that came too.  Bret and Mollie got me a gift basket as a best man gift with some nice things in it (wine, digital frame key chain, etc).  We had a good time.  I did feel bad that I showed up late and left a little early and was unable to help setup or tear down because I had the kids with me.  I wish I had driven alone so I could have been more helpful.

Vegas Wedding

My friend Bret just got married in Las Vegas.  I was his best man.  I flew to Las Vegas on Thursday and we had dinner with Bret and his soon to be wife.  On Friday we had the rehearsal at the church (yes he was married at a Catholic church in Las Vegas).  On Saturday I spent the day with Bret (gambling and eating) and then we had the actual wedding.  After the wedding his dad bought everyone a drink at a bar inside Treasure Island and that was it.  Late Saturday night we went to a club with some of my in-laws that were also on Las Vegas and Sunday we relaxed the day away.  I’m glad to be home but it took me a few days to detox (too little sleep, too much smoke, too much meat).  Today I’m feeling mostly normal (been home for 3 days now).

Congratulations Bret and Mollie!

Tim Kurcz

This weekend we went to a party at my old friend, Tim Kurcz’s house.  Chris Clark was supposed to be there with his new wife (Megan Ford) but they were on their honeymoon instead.  Nathan Thompson was there.  It was good to see Tim and Nate and meet Tim’s wife and daughter.  He lives in Westlake and works for a bank.  Ryan started working with Tim when he decided to change banks for his company.  We stayed for about an hour and a half and then left.  It was fun.

Bret Stopping By

Today Bret should be stopping by on his way to his tattoo removal treatment.  He stops here so I can put this numbing creme on his back so the laser treatment doesn’t hurt too bad.  This one should be a bad one for him.  He just had one two weeks ago and usually he waits a month between treatments.  This will be the first time since the kids went back to school that he is stopping over and seeing a clean and empty house (D is out shopping somewhere).

Lung Cancer

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. I’m so terribly sad about it. I think they caught it early so there is still a lot of hope that he can be treated and recover. He is a really good person and one of the most talented computer programmers I’ve ever worked with. I feel so bad for him and his family. The road ahead I think will be a hard fight for him and I wish I could do something to help. Some things in life just don’t seem fair – this is one of them.

I need to remember this sad feeling the next time I want to sneak a smoke. I smoked for about 15 years and then quit. I was smoke free for several years but in the last few I started sneaking them when I was out of town, on vacation, at a party or with friends who smoked. I have never had one in front of the kids but that doesn’t make them good for me. Maybe my friend’s battle can help me stay clean.

Book Club

Yesterday D had book club at our house. She cooked and cleaned like crazy to prepare our house for visitors. The place looked great. I had to get lost with the kids for a few hours while she and her friends discussed the book of the month (ate and drank and talked about the book maybe). I went with the kids to my parent’s house and watched Fantastic 4 – Silver Surfer. The kids like the movie (not as good as the first one). We ate pizza (thanks mom and dad) and then came home. When I got home the house was cleaned up like nobody had visited. I wonder if there even was a book club or if it was all a ploy by my wife to get some free time to herself.