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Bret Is Almost Engaged

I went with Bret tonight to a young business professionals meeting. His girlfriend is the president of their local chapter. He went for her and asked me to come along. It felt a little like a singles club but it was OK. He is just about to be officially engaged. They have already discussed it, the ring is on the way, the living arrangements are nearly set. I’m very happy for him. His girlfriend, Mollie, is good for him. They seem to me to be compatible and I think he has been happier since they met. I wish for them the kind of happiness that I have in my life.

All this got me thinking about how lucky I am to have D. She is perfect for me and since we met 11 years ago I have always been happy at home. I’ve had periods of discontent at work but never at home thanks to her. Now that I work from home it is that much better. I can’t imagine my life without her and I wouldn’t want to. I hope he looks back in a decade and feels the same way about Mollie.


Ryan is getting a bike

Yeah, you heard it here first. Once I told Ryan I had my old bike back, he started looking to get one himself. See parents! Now you might be responsible for 2 middle aged men crashing on bmx bikes like they were teenagers!

So I mentioned to D that I wanted to get a new bike – it didn’t go over well. I have no self control when it comes to freestyle bikes. Check this thousand dollar model – click here

Today I worked on a few new (old) tricks. I worked on the arm glide and the hang 5 and tried to drop down into a hitchhiker (crash!). The balance is coming back quickly. The difference is that my muscles are sore from not being used in 18 years and the balance is still coming back (not back entirely). Still, I’m happy with the progress so far. Once Ryan gets his bike, I’ll have a riding buddy again – won’t that be funny seeing 2 33 yr. old fat guys riding around on bmx bikes!

I Have People

D is doing the Breast Cancer 3Day walk. For 3 days she’ll be walking 20 miles per day. At night they sleep in camps with tent mates of their choice (or assigned if you don’t choose). So, she needs an inflatable mattress, sleeping bag, and other small camping gear to pack for the event. Luckily, I have people. My friend Bret has a lot of camping gear including all the things I just mentioned and is willing to lend it to D for the 3 day walk. It’s good to have people.

Tattoo Removal

Man am I glad I never got a tattoo. My friend Bret stopped by today on his way back from his zillionth tattoo removal treatment. It cost him probably $200 to get the tattoo when he was in the Navy. Now he is spending probably $7000 to get it removed! Yikes! It hurts too. After every laser treatment he is red, sore, bloody. Note to kids – don’t get a tattoo until you are 30 at least.

Uncle Bret

Well, Uncle Bret came over today and gave the kids candy. He always brings them m&m’s when he comes over. Today he came with m&ms (regular, peanut, and peanut butter) and skittles. The kids were overjoyed. It’s only been a couple days without candy but they sure appreciated it. Bret is doing well. Not much new to report from him. His tattoo removal is creeping along and sucking up his disposable income. He is planning on having laser eye surgery this year. He looks good. It was nice to see him again since it’s been a while.

Spring Calls

I spoke with a few old friends this evening. Ryan asked me why I decided to call him today since we haven’t spoken in a long time. I told him it was seasonal and since the sun was out it was time to make my spring calls. I got to talk to him for 20 min. His mom is going to have back surgery on Monday down at the Cleveland Clinic – I hope she does well. I also got to speak with Scott for about a half hour. He sounded good and said he’s been reading my blog (we’ll see if he reads this). I called Bret but only got to talk to him for 1 minute because he was busy but I get to feel good that I finally called. Earlier i the day I called Chris and spoke with him for a while about our web businesses and work. Lots of calls for 1 day!

Old Friends

I recently got in contact with 2 different old friends. One lives in LA and the other in OH. One is married with 2 kids and the other is divorced with 3 kids. I traded emails with both of them on the same day and it got me thinking. If each of my old friends has a 50% chance of getting divorced, that sucks. Why do people get divorced so often? Do they rush into marriage? Do they rush out of marriage too easily? Are we meant to pair up like we do if it is so hard to stay together? For me being married is easy; I wouldn’t want it any other way. I wish all my old friends had it so easy.


Here’s a random thought: I wish I spent more time with my friends. I don’t have a lot of them but I wish I saw them more. Scott, Bret, Ryan… need to give them a call this week and see how they’re doing.