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Old Friends

I recently got in contact with 2 different old friends. One lives in LA and the other in OH. One is married with 2 kids and the other is divorced with 3 kids. I traded emails with both of them on the same day and it got me thinking. If each of my old friends has a 50% chance of getting divorced, that sucks. Why do people get divorced so often? Do they rush into marriage? Do they rush out of marriage too easily? Are we meant to pair up like we do if it is so hard to stay together? For me being married is easy; I wouldn’t want it any other way. I wish all my old friends had it so easy.


Here’s a random thought: I wish I spent more time with my friends. I don’t have a lot of them but I wish I saw them more. Scott, Bret, Ryan… need to give them a call this week and see how they’re doing.