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Z Has Strep Throat

The day before yesterday Z woke up and threw up before school.  He had a low fever.  Yesterday he woke up and felt fine with no fever so we sent him to school.  When he got home after school he had a 102 fever so we took him to the ER.  He has strep.  He started antibiotics yesterday so he should be able to go back to school tomorrow.  Today he seems to be feeling fine.  He has played battleship and checkers with D today.


Got A Cold

I went to the doctor on Thursday and got some antibiotics because I thought I had gotten strep from M (he had it a week or so ago).    They hooked me up even though I didn’t show strep on the fast test but they said they would call me on Monday if the real test came back negative.  That way I can stop taking the meds.  Well, I don’t feel any better after having taken them for a couple days so I think I just have a cold.  I’m sneezing like crazy, very runny and stuffy, coughing a bit and have a sore throat.  I feel mostly OK despite that the cold symptoms except I wish I could just plug up my nose.

Contacts Kinda Suck

I went back to the doctor on Friday and got a new left lens.  It is more comfortable than the odd one they gave me to begin with but there are still problems.  I just don’t see as well as with glasses.  The doctor told me that would be true but I didn’t realize how true it would be.  With contacts I feel like the prescription is wrong – like how it feels when my glasses are old and my eyes have gotten worse.  So I think either my prescription in the contacts is actually wrong or I just wasn’t meant to wear contacts.  Right now I’m wearing my old glasses and they are still better than the new contacts 😦

Contact Lenses

I just got home from the eye doctor and I’m wearing contact lenses for the first time.  It is a strange feeling.   I can feel them in my eyes and when I blink it re-aligns them so my vision changes (gets better when I blink).  I also feel very naked without my glasses on.  I’ve been wearing glasses for about 20 years now so not having them on makes me feel like I can’t see (even though I can see) and I feel exposed.  Strange.  So far it is OK.  I have to go back in a couple weeks for a follow up to make sure I want to keep them.

Mom’s Car Accident

A couple weeks ago my mom was in a car accident.  She was stopped and turning left when a car came from behind and hit another stopped car behind her.  That car hit her.  Her car was damaged and her neck was sore.  This week things got worse for her neck so she had to go see a doctor – back pain was very bad according to my dad.  I hope she goes to the doctor and takes it easy so she can heal properly.  Mom isn’t always the best patient.

M has Strep

We sent M to school on Tuesday even though he wasn’t feeling super.  His stomach was bugging him but we figured it might be related to the fact that he only eats bread.  As it turns out he came home on Tuesday and had a 103 fever – tough kid made it all the way until it was time to catch the bus then called home from the nurse’s office because he though he might throw up on the bus.  D took him to the doctor on Wed and they tested and confirmed that he has Strep.  He started antibiotics and now is feeling much better.. especially after watching cartoons for 2 days!  Now, we’re just hoping that none of the rest of us get it!

Darn Pants

Yesterday I threw out my back while putting my pants on 😦  I took Advil and a muscle relaxer and slept the afternoon away.  Walking around at the parent teacher conferences in the evening was hard.   Before bed I took more meds and this morning I took more Advil.  Things are better today but still very tender.  Darn pants!

Low Carb

So D started doing a low carb diet before we went to Las Vegas (a couple weeks ago).  She lost 7 lbs in a couple weeks.  I started doing the same thing and lost 7 lbs in a week.  Now that we are back from Las Vegas (we didn’t stick to the diet in Las Vegas) we are both back on the program.  My goal is to get back to my fighting weight of 162 which is where I was at the beginning of summer.  I’ve had a bad couple of months – eating late, lots of carbs before bed, too much ice cream and chocolate and chips.  Now I’m only about 7 lbs from my goal but still 19 from my ideal weight (I should be 150 according to the BMI).  My knees are feeling better than they were a few weeks back.  I haven’t been exercising and I have done a little physical therapy.  I think I’m going to try to start walking on the treadmill again today and see how my knees feel about it.

Z has a cold

Z started school and immediately got a cold.  He has a stuffy/runny nose.  He had a low fever the first day but now he doesn’t seem to anymore.  His sniffles are so pathetic.  D gave him an extra pillow for his bed so he can sleep on an angle and let his nose drain.

Crestor And Knee Pain

Today after putting ice on my knee after my lunch walk (not running since the knee pain has been so bad lately) I started thinking about why my knees hurt so much lately. I haven’t really been running that much but my knee pain is much worse than usual. A quick google search for Crestor and joint pain and I found out that joint pain can be a side effect of taking crestor. I take crestor to lower my cholesterol (which it is doing pretty well). I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to talk about it and see if I can go on something else for my cholesterol or just stop it for a month or two to see if the knee pain improves.