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Low Carb

So D started doing a low carb diet before we went to Las Vegas (a couple weeks ago).  She lost 7 lbs in a couple weeks.  I started doing the same thing and lost 7 lbs in a week.  Now that we are back from Las Vegas (we didn’t stick to the diet in Las Vegas) we are both back on the program.  My goal is to get back to my fighting weight of 162 which is where I was at the beginning of summer.  I’ve had a bad couple of months – eating late, lots of carbs before bed, too much ice cream and chocolate and chips.  Now I’m only about 7 lbs from my goal but still 19 from my ideal weight (I should be 150 according to the BMI).  My knees are feeling better than they were a few weeks back.  I haven’t been exercising and I have done a little physical therapy.  I think I’m going to try to start walking on the treadmill again today and see how my knees feel about it.

Z has a cold

Z started school and immediately got a cold.  He has a stuffy/runny nose.  He had a low fever the first day but now he doesn’t seem to anymore.  His sniffles are so pathetic.  D gave him an extra pillow for his bed so he can sleep on an angle and let his nose drain.

Crestor And Knee Pain

Today after putting ice on my knee after my lunch walk (not running since the knee pain has been so bad lately) I started thinking about why my knees hurt so much lately. I haven’t really been running that much but my knee pain is much worse than usual. A quick google search for Crestor and joint pain and I found out that joint pain can be a side effect of taking crestor. I take crestor to lower my cholesterol (which it is doing pretty well). I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to talk about it and see if I can go on something else for my cholesterol or just stop it for a month or two to see if the knee pain improves.

Knee Pain

Man lately my knee has been messed up.  I have hardly been walking or running (as evidenced by my growing belly) but still it hurts like hell.  Yesterday I was crippled all day.  I iced it and wrapped it and elevated it.  It was better by the end of the day.  The crazy thing is that I hadn’t run or walked in nearly a week.  I did hit some golf balls at the driving range so that could have been the cause.  Today I walked on the treadmill and took Advil and iced it afterwards.  I hope that helps.

Play It Again Sports

Today I sold my inversion table to Play It Again Sports. It is a sports store that buys used equipment and resells it. I paid $99 for the inversion table about 4 months ago at Walmart. I sold it to Play It Again Sports for $45. I got to try it out for several months. I proved that it worked pretty well at inverting me and that it didn’t help my back troubles at all. I’m pretty happy I was able to sell it to them and that it didn’t go to waste. Someone will buy it and be pretty happy with it I think.

I’ve decided that my back pain is caused mostly by weak muscles.

Lung Cancer

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. I’m so terribly sad about it. I think they caught it early so there is still a lot of hope that he can be treated and recover. He is a really good person and one of the most talented computer programmers I’ve ever worked with. I feel so bad for him and his family. The road ahead I think will be a hard fight for him and I wish I could do something to help. Some things in life just don’t seem fair – this is one of them.

I need to remember this sad feeling the next time I want to sneak a smoke. I smoked for about 15 years and then quit. I was smoke free for several years but in the last few I started sneaking them when I was out of town, on vacation, at a party or with friends who smoked. I have never had one in front of the kids but that doesn’t make them good for me. Maybe my friend’s battle can help me stay clean.