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Love Smalltalk Still!

I am working in Smalltalk again (for the last year and a half now) so it is easy to forget what it was like to use other tools and languages. Recently some of my old coworkers were laid off from their jobs and I was in contact with them about learning a different language (say C# or Java). They were interested in making their resume more appealing to local employers. These discussions reminded me how much I love Smalltalk.

With Smalltalk, the tools are great, the language doesn’t get in the way or fight you, simple things are very simple and hard things are appropriately hard, source code control systems are awesome. You work with a feeling that anything is possible – even the impossible.

Happy Holidays Smalltalkers!

Feeds page update

I updated my Smalltalk feeds page to not use JavaScript. It was slow and the search engines don’t like it. Now I’m using server side includes to present the content locally. Links take you directly to the newsgroup or blog where the information was actually posted. It is much faster now. I’ve been using this page daily to keep up with the events at Smalltalk Solutions and in the newsgroups. I hope visitors find it useful too.

Smalltalk Creator Wins Nobel Prize of Computing

Smalltalk Creator Wins ‘Nobel Prize’ of Computing – Dr. Alan Kay will receive the “Nobel Prize of Computing” in a ceremony in June, as well as $100,000, for his pioneering work on Smalltalk, the first complete dynamic object-oriented programming (OOP) language. Today, the language is credited as the model for C++ (define) and Java; Kay is considered the first to coin the phrase “object-oriented.”

Smalltalk Industry Council Under New Management!!

Smalltalk Industry Council Under New Management!!

Great News! The Smalltalk Industry Council is now in the hands of true die-hard Smalltalkers who are interested in promoting Smalltalk all over. I heard that they wanted to get enough money to put up a booth at the “Internet World Conference” and maybe even the “Java One Conference”. I’m really happy about the new direction for STIC and I hope you guys will support them in their efforts to promote Smalltalk.