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First Mow

Today I mowed my lawn for the first time this year. I always love the first mow of the year but by the end of the season I’m totally sick of mowing. That first mow is great because the sun is out after a long winter. It feels good to tidy up the yard and get rid of all the fallen branches and left over leaves from fall. It took a few pulls and a spray of starter fluid but the mower finally perked up. I couldn’t mow all the way to the back of the yard because the grass is still wet in the far back but over all it felt good to officially mark spring. Oh yeah and I swept out the garage and cleaned out one of the cars. I guess I just got carried away.

King of Returns

My wife thinks I’m the king of returns. Whenever we have something that we aren’t going to use or can’t find the receipt she makes me return it (as if I mind!). She used to be afraid of returning things, afraid that the store would refuse or she would look petty or something. I think I’ve cured her of that with my “I’ll return anything” attitude. Yesterday I returned an item to the store that was ~6months old but unused. I had no receipt but hey took it back (with a little fuss) and gave me a $44 store credit. I figure with all the money we spend at Walmart and Target and Giant Eagle the returns should not be a problem (and they almost never are).

AAA Membership Renewal

So now that I work at home I’m really wondering if I should renew my AAA membership. I’m afraid that as soon as I let it lapse, that’s when I’ll need it. I’ve moved all over the country but I always managed to keep my membership current. Now that I work from home and hardly drive anywhere I’m wondering if it has any value. The price for me and my wife is $78/year. I’ve had AAA for 10 years now and I’ve only used it 3 times. So my cost per jump or tow is very high. I think this time I’m just going to gut it out and see how that works – I’m sure I’ll blow a tire next week when nobody is home and it’s snowing in April.

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day! April in Cleveland has been all clouds and rain and even snow. I work from home and spend all day inside but today the sun is shining through my window and the sky is blue with puffy white clouds. The temperature outside is 55. All is quiet in my neighborhood and I’m feeling good today.

Spelling Error

Man, I just can’t spell. I got a D in spelling in 4th grade and it just hasn’t improved much over the years. I got A’s in English in high school and college so you might think I had improved over the years but I still know I can’t spell very well. I just traded emails with a friend who is a spelling freak – he spots spelling errors before even reading the email. He probably saw 5 spelling errors before he opened the email 🙂 The crazy thing is that I use spell check most of the time and still I manage to misspell words all the time. I don’t mix up easy words like there and their but uncommon words always get me. Darn spelling errors!

Losing Weight

I’m trying to lose some weight. Not much, just 10-15lbs. I’m not very overweight but I want to look better and lose my gut. I’ve weighed as much as 198 but right now I’m at 163 and I’d like to get down to 150. I’ve been working out regularly; running at lunchtime for 2-3 miles each day. I do push ups, pull ups, crunches, the plank, leg lifts, back lifts, and I stretch after every workout. I’m finding that eating less is hard to do. I have never really tried to eat less. Usually just working out more will do it. But as I get older I’m finding that working out just won’t do it on it’s own. I eat good lunch portions and started eating cereal in the right portion (1 cup) but my weakness is the evening when basketball is on TV. I like to plop down in front of the TV and eat nuts or popcorn and watch late night west coast games. I also occasionally binge and eat a whole days calories in 1 sitting. I need to stop eating late, stop binging, eat less for dinner and keep working out at lunch. Then I think I’ll be on the right track.

One of those days

I don’t want to complain too much here. Lots of people have had bad days today. There was a shooting spree at Virginia Tech today that left 20 people shot and 20 people dead.

My day is nothing compared to those people and their families. Still, things haven’t gone well today. I had 2 vpn pwd resets, reinstalled cygwin 2 times, reinstalled vpn client, had a phone conference number setup wrong and then was mislead by a false email about this conf. number and spend hrs on the phone with the help desk. Rough day.

My wishes go out to the people at Virgina Tech. and their families. I can’t imagine how horrifying it was to have a kid who went to Virgina Tech today. What is this world coming to?

Falling Behind

I used to run one of the most popular websites on the net about the Smalltalk programming language. It was great because users could post jobs, their salary info, links to other sites, etc. It was very interactive for it’s time. Well, I’ve fallen behind. Since my day, blogs and wikis have changed the web and now most of the popular Smalltalk sites are wikis or blogs. This is better than the old way. Users can interact with blogs by posting comments. Links to sites can be posted and discussed, etc. A good interactive blog seems to be one of the best ways to keep a community alive – the key is to have a good blog owner who keeps content coming. Smalltalk lately has James Robertson who is doing a great job with his blog. I need to add a Smalltalk only blog to my site… one of these days.

Camcorder Woes

Recently my camcorder died which is a big problem because I have small kids that I want to record on holidays and birthdays, etc. It was a VHS-C style camcorder that I got for around $200 about 5 years ago.

I had this impression that DVD lifespan was short so when I bought I new recorder I went with a tape model – Sony Hi 8. Nice recorder, works well. Then today I read that DVDs have a longer life span than tapes – 100yrs vs. 15yrs. So, now I have this new camcorder (still returnable) and I’m trying to decide what to do with it. Should I take it back and get a DVD burnable one? Should I get the Sony Digital 8 which has a USB output for streaming video out? Should I just get a video capture card and convert all my movies to mpeg? I’ll post when I decide what to do.