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We went and voted this afternoon around 1:30.  I waited about 10 min and then voted.  D didn’t have to wait at all.  She went about 15 min after me.  They were out of stickers that say “I voted today” so I guess could mean that a lot of people voted.. or maybe they didn’t have many stickers to start with.
I had to stay away from home for a bit while someone was looking at it with their realtor.  I went to Starbucks but the wifi connection kept dropping me.  I eventually gave up and went home.  They had come and gone so who knows what they thought.

Play It Again Sports

Today I sold my inversion table to Play It Again Sports. It is a sports store that buys used equipment and resells it. I paid $99 for the inversion table about 4 months ago at Walmart. I sold it to Play It Again Sports for $45. I got to try it out for several months. I proved that it worked pretty well at inverting me and that it didn’t help my back troubles at all. I’m pretty happy I was able to sell it to them and that it didn’t go to waste. Someone will buy it and be pretty happy with it I think.

I’ve decided that my back pain is caused mostly by weak muscles.

Long Time No Post

Wow, it has been a very long time since I posted last. Things have happened but I just haven’t had time to post anything. Here are some of the things that have happened since my last post:

-I went on a business trip for my company to a customer site in Paris, France
-We recently celebrated Father’s day
-My younger son had his 5th birthday
-I’ve been working like mad
-I am considering taking on a new business idea with a couple partners (they had the idea)
-Our deck was finally washed and re-stained
-My computer monitor broke and I got a new one (bigger and better)

I will do my best to post about each of these things over the next day or two. Sorry I’ve been so bad lately about posting.

Low flow shower head

I was in the market for a new shower head so I went to Lowes. I learned that the average shower head flow is 2.5 gallons per minute. You can get them with lower flow rates but 2.5 GPM is the standard. I have a 1.75 GMP showerhead on order from some website. I wonder if the reduced flow will be noticeable. All this because our water bill shot up.. later I found that they had under-charged me on the previous bill.