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We went and voted this afternoon around 1:30.  I waited about 10 min and then voted.  D didn’t have to wait at all.  She went about 15 min after me.  They were out of stickers that say “I voted today” so I guess could mean that a lot of people voted.. or maybe they didn’t have many stickers to start with.
I had to stay away from home for a bit while someone was looking at it with their realtor.  I went to Starbucks but the wifi connection kept dropping me.  I eventually gave up and went home.  They had come and gone so who knows what they thought.

Go Vote

This is my last chance to encourage people to vote.  So, please go vote.  It is worth doing – even if you don’t think one president can change the mess we’re in.  Changes in America are mostly evolutionary.  Every four years we get to decide who will have the most influence over the next four years in terms of shaping our country.  The president gets to set the agenda.  He can’t completely control the outcome of any one policy change or resolution or law since the congress gets to have their say as well.  But, I still think it is worth picking a president.  He sets the agenda for big important items like education and health care and has the power to take us into OR keep us out of unnecessary wars.  So, GO VOTE tomorrow (Tuesday Nov. 4th).

John McCain Must Be Happy

I think the democrats have invented a way to lose in Nov. – Run two great candidates against each other for the nomination until they each alienate the other’s voters. Then at the convention, pick a nominee that has alienated half of the democratic voters and go on to run a general election having pissed off about half of the democratic voters. Those alienated voters don’t vote and John McCain goes on to be president.

Voted Today

Today D and I both voted. Our town has a new voting place which is much, much nicer than the last place. At the last place we had to stand in line outside in the snow and rain while we waited to vote. This place is bigger and better heated and new. D went and voted after taking M to the bus stop. I went right after that. We both got stickers for the kids. I thought it was pretty cool to see a ballot with a woman and a black man on it. Pretty cool.