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Clinton vs. Obama

Man this political race is getting fun. California’s votes aren’t in yet but it looks like it might be a 50/50 split for Clinton and Obama. I think D is for Clinton and I’m for Obama. I think that is representative of a lot of households. In Obama, I see a future with hopefully less or at least different political bickering between red and blue.

In him, I also see myself or my kids. He is racially mixed. He is the son of an immigrant. It should not be possible for him to do so well, but he has. I hope that some day my kids can have the same chances and same high aspirations. I hope that they won’t be told that they can’t or it is impossible to achieve their dreams. At the least, I want them to be able to point to a President Obama and say he did what wasn’t supposed to be possible.. and I think I can too.

Hillary Wins New Hampshire

Now we have a contest! Obama 1 … Hillary 1.

The prospect of a woman president is very exciting. I think our country has come a long way when picking between a woman and an African American doesn’t seem like that big of a deal politically.

Hillary made a come back in NH after losing Iowa to Obama the week before. I’m not sure what turned voters around for her but I’m glad it is a contest now and we get to see them go at each other in the debates it for a while.

Obsessed With Politics

Between the writers strike causing a lack of new TV content and my fascination with politics, I have become totally obsessed with the Iowa and NH primary. It helps that there are debates on all the time and the news cycle has been slow lately (except for Britney Spears). I’ve been watching about 4 hours of political news a night lately and liking it. I think I need to get some help.

Obama Wins Iowa

I stayed up to hear the speeches on MSNBC last night after Obama beat Clinton and Edwards in the Iowa caucuses. I have been expecting Obama to rise up but was still a little surprised to see it happen. Iowa is almost all white and they picked a black man named Barack Hussein Obama to be the next president – wow! Most of our parents probably never thought they would live to see it and their parents probably can’t believe it. I hope he goes on to win the presidency, but even if he doesn’t, I’m glad that today it seems possible.