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Python and Django

I’ve been doing some Python work for my day job so I started investigating the language and popular web frameworks.  I got python installed and read the python tutorial at python.org.  I build some simple Python classes and unit test cases using eclipse and the PyDev plugin.   The thing I like about Python is that the language is clean and there seems to be only one way to do most things.  Unlike Perl or Ruby where there are many ways to do anything, Python seems much less messy.  Working heavily in Python with good Python developers should be efficient and peaceful.

Then I  worked my way though the django tutorial which was pretty easy to follow.  Django generates most things for you and requires writing very little code for doing most common web tasks.  My impression was that seriously working with django would be pretty easy and efficient.

Like I said, I’ve been working with Python at work so I plan to post more about my impressions of Python as time goes on.  Stay tuned..