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Investment Banking Tombstone Software

Investment banking tombstone software?

Are you looking for an application that lets you generate great looking investment banking tombstones?  Tombstone Creator is software that lets you create investment banking tombstones in png image format (like gif or jpg) so you can size them up or down for use in power point slide presentations.  The software helps you generate consistent images for debt and equity or merger and acquisition deals and is very easy to use.  Check it out at TombstoneCreator.com!


Switched From Squeak To Pharo

Over the last few weeks I switched goodstart.com and w6talent.com from Squeak to Pharo.

I made the switch because I like the cleaner look of Pharo and the general direction – to make a clean, lean, Smalltalk development environment.  Also, I am working on another project to produce investment banking tombstones at tombstonecreator.com so I needed better font support and the Pharo font support is nice.

I had to make a few minor changes to my apps and to the HttpSsp framework for Smalltalk Server Pages but it was all very minor and easy to do.

So far I’m happy with my switch.