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W6 Talent – New Site

OK, our new site is pretty much up and running.  If you are a model that works for one of these talent agencies in OH,PA,MI then please visit W6 Talent and sign up for a free account.  With your free account you can create a profile and get booked by real clients through your talent agency.

These are the approved talent agencies so far:

  • Active Image Management
  • CAM Talent
  • Docherty
  • Heyman Talent
  • IMI Talent Management
  • Midwest Model Management
  • Pro-Model Talent Management
  • Stone Model Talent
  • Talent Group

For those that care, the whole site is written in Seaside / Squeak / Smalltalk with an Apache front end that redirects to the Squeak image.

Wink – Software Demo Software

Today I downloaded Wink.  Wink is a software package that records your demo of other software.  This way you can create a demo of your software for other people to see (like a movie).

I’m using Wink to create a demo of my new new Squeak/Seaside application that connects talent agencies with advertising agencies.  Here is a link to the my demo of how to use our search functionality.  It took me about an hour to get used to the demo software (make the mouse movements match up with my desired actions & record audio that matched).  I am planning on doing several demos like this one to show users how to perform various actions on the site.