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Scrum In 10 Minutes – Good Intro Video

Someone sent me a link to this video today.  I have been doing Scrum for a while.  It is the best introduction to scrum I have seen and it only takes about 8 minutes of the 10 minute video:


Python and Django

I’ve been doing some Python work for my day job so I started investigating the language and popular web frameworks.  I got python installed and read the python tutorial at python.org.  I build some simple Python classes and unit test cases using eclipse and the PyDev plugin.   The thing I like about Python is that the language is clean and there seems to be only one way to do most things.  Unlike Perl or Ruby where there are many ways to do anything, Python seems much less messy.  Working heavily in Python with good Python developers should be efficient and peaceful.

Then I  worked my way though the django tutorial which was pretty easy to follow.  Django generates most things for you and requires writing very little code for doing most common web tasks.  My impression was that seriously working with django would be pretty easy and efficient.

Like I said, I’ve been working with Python at work so I plan to post more about my impressions of Python as time goes on.  Stay tuned..

Busy Summer

I haven’t blogged in a while but I was just reflecting on how busy our summer was so I decided to write a quick blog post.  I had a trip to Raleigh, NC for work.  The kids had two different basketball camps, each a week long.  We took half week to go to a local water-park resort as a family trip.  As usual we had a bunch of summer birthdays to celebrate and we had some family come to town to visit.

The weather was hot.  It got hot early and stayed hot all summer long.  Unfortunately that meant that the kids spent most of their free time inside.  I took advantage by giving them summer writing assignments because both of them could use some work on their writing.  They improved a bit and mostly got over the pain of writing which was the biggest gain from my point of view.  Hopefully now when their teachers give them writing assignments they won’t worry about it as much.

School started up last week for the kids and school will start next week for my wife.  Pretty soon I’ll be sitting in my home office in a quiet house all day.

Organized Text Files

I finally gave up on all the tree based organizers like treepad and notecase.  Both work well but I have decided to use the lowest common denominator to save my notes – plain text files and for rare exceptions odt documents (LibreOffice/OpenOffice/LotusSymphony).

These are the features I wanted in a note taker:

  • Must be easy to use
  • Must work on all my computers (home, work, netbook, vmware images, etc)
  • Must be easy to transfer from one location to another
  • Must be easy to encrypt just those notes that contain private information
  • Must be searchable with Google Desktop
  • Nice to have: formatting
  • Nice to have: attachments (but that also creates a searchablity problem)

I used Treepad for a while and them switched to NoteCase.  Both are good.  But Google Desktop didn’t find me the node in the tree – it just found me the entire ncd file.

My System

My system now is just to take notes using plain text files with simple Markdown formating.  I title each file with a date (mm.dd.yy) and a topic (like personal) and a title (like something personal) so the file would be named

mm.dd.yy – personal – something personal.txt

I keep files organized into folders on the file system.  Most of the time my folder system saves me from searching but search still works to turn up results when I use Google Desktop Search to find something.


I Love The Hudson Library

Tomorrow we have another home showing.  That means I have to leave home.. but keep working.  The Hudson Library has private study rooms that you can reserve in advance.  They have a table and chairs, a free wired and free wifi internet connections and with the private room I can talk on my cell phone all I want with my team.  You can only reserve the room for 2 hours but that is plenty for my needs.

Not Going To Paris

I’m pretty glad today to not be booking travel for Paris.  Things are happening at one of our customer sites and my coworker is being sent off to Paris to investigate.  He is Canadian so he isn’t missing a holiday weekend.  I was worried I might get sent so I’m very happy it wasn’t me.. not this week.  It is possible that I could get sent some time in the next few months but who knows.

Back To School

The kids started school last week.  M is in 1st grade and Z is in Kindergarten.  They ride the bus together to and from all day school (we have all day kindergarten here).  So far Z likes it a lot.  D likes their teachers better than M’s teacher last year.  We took Z to his first day of school (camera and video camera in hand) and recorded the event.  He didn’t want us to come in – he wanted to just be a big boy and go on his own.  We had to drop him off at the right room so we went in with him.  He was fine when we left – no separation problems at all.  So big!