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More VPN Problems

I had to uninstall/reinstall my company’s vpn client. This is pretty neat since I didn’t change anything and it has worked for nearly a year now. After the pwd reset, my boss sent me the new pwd. Then I used that to change my pwd to something I know because the client forces you to. Then I still could not connect. I called the help desk and we did a little dance and ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the vpn client. Then I had to add the right dns suffixes to the list and ta da, everything is ok again. Aren’t computers wonderful?

VPN Problems

So I’m having trouble logging in to my employer’s VPN. I call the helpdesk and use the automatic pwd reset and they mail the new pwd to my work email that I cannot get because I can’t get on the VPN. They also email my boss so I’ll eventually get it but still it seems like a better strategy could have been put in place. Auto generate a pwd, give it out over the phone and make it only work for 1 login or something like that might have been better. I guess I can’t log back in until Monday when my boss gets his email.

Lotus Notes Deleted Rules Update

Update: spoke to the help desk. They had me do some Lotus Notes replica update thing and now they think it will be fixed. I’m not sure I believe it but I’ll wait until tomorrow to see how the messages are filtered (or not filtered). I hope it works because it’s pretty annoying to have invisible rules filtering my mail.

Lotus Notes Deleted Rules Rant

I’ve had this same problem at 2 different employers (with 2 diff. versions of Lotus Notes). Who know so many companies still used Lotus Notes? The problem is that after I delete a lotus notes rule it continues to filter mail messages. It has been deleted and doesn’t show up in the rules folder but it still seems to filter incoming mail messages. I read some crazy description of this problem on the Notes site and couldn’t make sense out of it. Now I need to call my company’s help desk and see if they have a fix for it 😦